Revival Town aims to connect with young adults

RevivalTownLights2008: Revival Town is a new Christian event in Mid Norfolk which aims to connect with the 20 and 30s age group in a new way.
“There's been a real feeling of a spiritual gap in rural Norfolk for people in their 20s and 30s,” said organizer Adam Jackson.  “The world offers so much but there’s a real void when it comes to church which often seeks to cater well for older people, children and young families.
“Revival Town is a new event which seeks to connect with this age group in a new way.  A group of young adults, themselves in their 20s, have stood up to the calling and challenge and are stepping out to create a meeting point for this lost generation.  

"This is a big opportunity with a great deal of scope  but  it's going to be a real step of faith because there's no natural cluster point for people of this age in a rural community, unlike in a big city with universities etc,” said Adam.  
RevivalTownLogo“More often it's the case that people move away from small villages and towns in search of careers or a city lifestyle, with the result that those who are left are more isolated. We have received a great deal of encouragement both from people and the Lord so we know we've had the order and therefore have to step up to the mark.

“It's happening next on March 15 and then on the 3rd Saturday of every month and it really promises to be something different. We have a cafe style break halfway between with fruit cocktails and smoothies, a fantastic band that present a gig style music in the first half and worship in the second, a multimedia slot and tons more.
“Basically it's a building up and reaching out congregation that is our ‘generation’ flavoured but with all the focus and glory to God that church is called to be since forever!”

Revival Town is on the third Saturday of every month (next one on March 15) it starts at 7pm and is held at the Well Christian Centre, Ashill, between Swaffham and Watton.
For more information contact Adam Jackson on 01760 440 871 or visit


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