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Norfolk project set to ignite young people

IgniteLogo2008: Christ Community Church in Attleborough has launched a new youth project, Ignite, to provide local young people with a safe, warm and dry area to ‘hang out’ every Saturday evening.
Ignite was launched on November 1 by The Lighthouse, a local charity and part of the church. This project will run every Saturday night from the Scout Hut, until it can be moved into the new youth venue opening later this year. It will also provide free refreshments.
As well as the use of the building, the Ignite team will continue to go out on the streets and keep in contact with the young people in the town. A third area of work will follow shortly. This will be a signposting service for the young people in Attleborough where they can meet during the week with the Ignite Team Leader for tailor made advice and signposting to relevant agencies.
LighthouseLogoThe Ignite Team have been working with the young people on the streets in Attleborough since Christmas, going out every Saturday evening. They have collected relevant data using questionnaires as well as getting to know the young people and gaining a better understanding of their needs within the town. They have also organised and run two youth events in the town with excellent attendance and feedback at both. The need for the Saturday night project has been reinforced by the success of both the street work and these one off events. 
Ignite will be running in collaboration with the town council and will hopefully be re-locating into the new youth building which will be situated on ‘The Rec’ and provided by the town council.
This project is funded by Norfolk Community Foundation, The Pennycress Trust, Geoffrey Watling Charity, The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation and other local charities. The project still needs to secure funding to sustain the project into the future.
For more information contact Debs Jones on: 0775 9019255 or at

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