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Budding Norfolk Christian film maker shows art

SarahHobday350Budding Christian film maker Sarah Hobday, from West Norfolk, is using her artistic talents to share her faith through short videos. Sandie Shirley reports.

Sarah Hobday failed to make sense of the illness that sapped her energy and muddled her thinking until her revelations of God's love turned her into an amateur film maker with a world-wide audience.
"I was sensitive, compassionate and artistic but how could I use this to bring glory to God when I was in the wilderness?" recalls Sarah who suffers from ME. 
The resulting years, when she was too tired to continue as a nursery nurse, brought a treasury of insights from God's heart. "They helped me cope with depression and short-term memory loss while renewing my mind," says Sarah, from Downham Market Christian Fellowship. 
Now they form the basis of short, three-minute films that are used at church meetings, women's conferences and are widely viewed through YouTube on the internet. Sarah uses video footage, photographs, Bible text and music to convey the prophetic, personal messages that have given her courage and hope for the path ahead and now inspire others. She also produces a series of biblical stop-motion animations for youngsters. 
"In my late-thirties God has used my creative urge in his timing for a mission which I love. Eventually I would like to launch my own website and create a library of short films for other Christians to access easily," says Sarah.
Without training or experience, Sarah has made six films, in colour and black and white, as well as a variety as gifts for friends and acquaintances. Her new avenue for creative outreach began a year ago at a church prayer day when a potter was on hand.
"I stood in front of the potter's wheel, as the clay was being worked, and knew God was telling me to make a film which came so quickly and clearly without a hitch. At the end of the day I used my daughter's video camera to film a pot being thrown."
Sarah continues: "Returning home, there were more clear instructions from God to use the King of Wonders track by Matt Redman and Tim Hughes from my new CD compilation as background; it was the exact length of the video footage." 
With help from her husband, the film was complete within a few hours and shown at the church service the following day.
"There are so many references to clay in the Bible as we have an awesome God who shapes and forms us as he is intimately involved with our lives," says Sarah, who is a living testimony of being re-shaped for divine purposes.
King of Wonders Potter Video, Brave by Nichole Nordeman and You Are by Ben Cantelon are among Sarah's films - by TripodTriumphs - that can be viewed on YouTube.  


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