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folCHURCH 2012 AGM Video Intro from Adam Jackson on Vimeo.

Norfolk churches' chance to join video project

Norfolk churches are being offered the chance to participate in an exciting new video project in collaboration with Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk to help showcase the church in action across the county.

Celebrate wants to partner with up to 20 Norfolk churches to produce a three-minute video for each of them to use as they wish on websites, YouTube, for presentations, meetings and exhibitions, for example.
The project would also take selected clips from each church and combine them to produce a longer video which gives a taste of the life of the church as a whole in community action right across the county.
Rev Madeline Light is one of the team behind the project, she explained: “We are aware that engaging with modern media and making the work of the church known in a relevant way can sometimes be a struggle. We are offering 20 churches the opportunity to have a three-minute documentary made to demonstrate the way in which they are engaging with their community. 
“We would also want permission to use one minute of each film in a compilation that would be shown publicly during the Celebrate weekend and at other times. This year we want to celebrate churches’ engagement with the community as many people have no idea how much the churches are serving them. We can also include churches in this compilation that already have their own existing video clips of church activities. So please let us know if you want to participate on this basis.”
The video collaboration will utilise the skills of the ENYP-based T2TV project and independent Christian video-maker Adam Jackson.
T2TV have made a number of videos for local charities and churches and Adam has been used by the Diocese of Norwich, Holy Trinity Brompton, businesses, churches and local government.

Click top to see a video Adam produced for Fountain of Life Church at Watton.
Each church will be offered a day of filming followed by appropriate editing into a finished product which is ready to use in whatever way they want. They will each be asked to make a contribution of £150 towards the overall project costs, and a number have already signed up.
If you are interested please contact Madeline Light at madelinelight@gmail.com by the first week in February, and requests will be accommodated on a first come first served basis.