Celebrate Norfolk Charity No 1141245

Celebrate King's Lynn wants your support 

Dozens of King’s Lynn churches are joining together once again in June to put on a free family festival – called Celebrate King’s Lynn – for the town and they want your support.

Now in its third year the churches come together simply to bless the local community, according to organiser Maarten Klem.

“Churches and Christian groups will gather with their stalls and musicians in The Walks Park on Saturday June 9,” he said. “There is a super atmosphere as we bring glory to God through our giving.

“The last two years have seen developments on the prayer aspect of the event with local Christians gathering to offer prayer as well as Healing Rooms from Norwich joining us in 2017 and again this year. The prayer being offered at Celebrate has become an important aspect of the event with encouraging testimonies.”

Ruth Scorey from Healing Rooms Norwich said: “Last year we had a string of people come into the Healing Rooms motorhome. One particular lady came to the Lord (hallelujah) and wandered around the Celebrate area afterwards in such an amazing state of peace that she'd never felt before. It was a joy to behold:  She'd just handed all her burdens to Jesus and felt as light as a feather. Others had prayer for general health, family strife, renewal, fathering and direction.”

Richard Howard, from King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship. Said: “I remember praying for a young guy with a stick. He had spinal problems which made it hard for him to balance and walk without his stick, but he received prayer instantly then felt something shift and was able to walk without pain and without the use of his stick too, praise God!”

“We believe that this is only the beginning of what God will do as we are obedient to His heart for Celebrate,” said Maarten.

“We are actively pursuing church unity in King’s Lynn and we believe Psalm 133 that says: ‘Where there is unity God will command His blessing.’ As we strive for unity at this event we believe that God will increase His favour and reveal His will. This is just the beginning.

“Our heart is for Christians to support this event so that it becomes sustainable. To do this we have to see beyond the event itself and know that God will bring increase as we are obedient in the small things. We are looking for individuals to support us by giving a donation of £2 or more a month. We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey of faith.”

To donate, visit www.celebratekingslynn.com