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PassionPlayCFContemporary passion play to be performed in Norwich 

Sprowston writer, performer and associate Vicar, Dean Akrill, debuts a provocative and challenging new short play this April.

“The Passion of Sophia” is a contemporary passion play, performed by members of the local community, and is just the latest in a series of original work performed at St. Cuthbert’s in Sprowston.

After playing Jesus at last year’s Anglia Square Passion, Dean returns to taking a sideways look at the story; exploring contemporary culture, consumerism, gender politics and environmental concerns, as well as exploring how the divinity of Christ in human form ultimately transcends our labels of gender, nationality, and class.

Inspired by Wisdom literature as well as the Gospels, “The Passion of Sophia” takes to the dance floor, where the moon has been sold for a glitter ball: Welcome to Baal’s night club, conveniently located within crawling distance of the Holy Mountain. Your host for the evening is Molech – he’s a bit of a Bull, so beware any virgin who enters here.

Enter Sophia, she is wisdom from an earlier age; her grace is largely forgotten, but every so often you can still hear her love song on the wind; as it was sung to Solomon all those years ago.

Sophia is clearing her house, and searching for her lost coin; her greatest treasure. Her search brings her to the lost, the lonely and the dying; she dispenses wisdom wherever she goes, and many find healing within her presence; they strive to touch the hem of her skirts. Soon, the influence of Sophia cannot be tolerated any more, and the hunt is on. Time for Sophia’s identity to be finally revealed….

“The Passion of Sophia” is a Scart Art production, and will be performed on Palm Sunday, 5th April, 7.30pm, at St. Cuthbert’s, Wroxham Rd. Sprowston. Admission free.

More information on the Scart site, where you can also watch previous shows https://deanakrill.wixsite.com/scart-art
Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/scartstart/
Or contact Dean directly: 01603 482360 dean@sprowston.org.uk

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