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Bible750PXWay of the Spirit offers a feast of Gospel teaching 

The Way of the Spirit ministry, based in Framlingham Earl, is launching a new teaching series on Mark’s Gospel.

You are invited to join the weekly, live Bible teaching, starting on Thursday June 11 at 10am online via Zoom. Everyone is welcome, from anywhere on the globe.

The course will begin at the beginning of Mark as Jesus launches into his kingdom ministry, continuing each week as the drama unfolds: seeing Jesus delighting the crowds in Galilee, upsetting the religious authorities, then travelling down to Jerusalem where he would face his trial and the cross.

His resurrection and return to heaven follow to end Mark's account. Viewers are invited to bring friends and get ready for a feast. 

Sessions will be one hour long and will usually include an opportunity for interaction. They are free of charge, with an opportunity to donate to the work each time. There will be an introduction to a variety of bible reading resources each week, many of which people can download directly from the web shop, often free of charge. 

To register your interest, please send an email to mengei@thewayofthespirit.com and you will receive the Zoom link with further details. 

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