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Aylsham pastor’s book gives spiritual refreshment

Rooted in God is the latest offering from the Motorcycling Reverend, Patrick Coghlan, which has just been released as an e-book.

Aimed particularly at those who need some spiritual refreshment at this time, the e-book is described as being five books in one, exploring the Psalms, God’s promises, and the Gospels, and including some meditations and prayers.
Rooted-In-God-Patrick Coghlan Patrick says, “Maybe you have reached a point in your spiritual life where you are beginning to feel tired, stressed, discouraged, lacking motivation, and possibly even distant from God. You might be feeling completely wrung out. Perhaps the busy-ness of life is placing pressure on you, preventing you from having the opportunity to rest, relax, and more importantly, to enjoy being with God. And, of course, busy-ness comes in many different forms, for example: vocational, parenting, volunteering, being a carer… and even in terms of church commitments. Or perhaps you are dealing with, or recovering from trauma or crisis in your life.
“It is my intention through Rooted in God, to encourage you to recognise what you need at this time, to encourage you to give yourself permission to self-care, and for you to be disciplined in taking time out from the busy-ness of everyday life to find relaxation for your mind and body, and refreshment of your faith through becoming more deeply rooted in God – and the promises and teaching of scripture.”  
Immersed in the Psalms is written with the express intention of encouraging you to pursue a prayerful journey through 15 Psalms, empathising with the wealth of emotions and personal life experiences expressed in them, and embracing the learning opportunities they offer. They are looked at from the point of view of encouraging you to receive spiritual healing and refreshment through developing a closer relationship with God. Within this is a focus on self-care.
Claiming the promises is a selection of 15 short passages of scripture, linking with promise from God. They are quoted from the point of view of encouraging you to receive spiritual healing and refreshment through prayerfully claiming the promises of God.
Saturated in the love of God consists of 15 meditations based on passages from the Bible, with the intention of encouraging you to experience spiritual healing and refreshment through allowing God to pour out his love into your life: receiving God’s love in all its fullness and then sharing it with others.
Set free by the truth of Jesus is 15 short studies based on the Gospels, encouraging you to receive spiritual healing and refreshment from the truth of the teaching of Jesus.
The fifth section contains 15 prayers for different everyday situations – including fears, anxiety and depression, loneliness, and isolation.
Patrick says he has been busier than ever during the lockdown period. As well as completing this book, he has been sending out weekly ministry by post/ email to people in and connected with Worstead Baptist Church fellowship, and preparing to re-commence Sunday worship from July 5. He has been continuing his Aylsham Care Trust counselling service by telephone and has even taken on an allotment with his wife June. He has been able to resume some motorcycling on his Royal Enfield, pictured above, once the strict initial lock down was eased.
Rooted in God is available as an e book from Kevin Mayhew.


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Tony Rothe, 02/07/2020

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