Celebrate Norfolk is not in lockdown thinking 

Celebrate Norwich and Norfolk has not been in “lockdown” in its thinking, praying or planning even though the flagship event was not able to take place at the Forum in Norwich on June 20, says project director John Betts.

JohnBettsCelebrate15x540Even though we were unable to hold the Celebrate event at the Forum this year, we believe that the time is now to envision the future and begin to work towards it. 

Everyone is talking about what impact Coronavirus will have upon our lives. People's private lives, working lives, shopping habits, and indeed the whole of life have been affected. Churches are celebrating the success of their lockdown live-streaming services and the many people who have been logging on.

However, these can never replace the need for the Church to interact directly with people or the need to influence the life of the city in innovative ways. Now, more than ever, the people of God must be active in celebrating, demonstrating and communicating the Kingdom of God to a waiting and watching world. The fact that it is more challenging to do so right now should not inhibit us.
Celebrate is purposing to be active at other times of the year as well as our regular summer programme which has been running for over ten years now.

We are planning a Young Leaders (18-30) conference in the autumn this year. At Christmas we plan to impact the city centre with multiple choirs and/or church groups singing carols and sharing the Good News of the advent of the Son of God for the salvation of the world.

At Easter, we are planning to bring the drama of the Easter story to the heart of our city with a passion play.  In the summer we aim to hold the trademark Celebrate exhibition and showcase of the work of churches and Christian ministries at the Forum.

As ever, Celebrate is not planning to fulfil what we are planning as a ministry but to mobilise members of the Body of Christ and release His people to function as the Lord intended. Only the corporate church in Norwich is ever going to be able to accomplish the whole purpose of Jesus for this city.