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Soul church distributes 1 million meals in Norwich 

Last Sunday, Soul Church welcomed its congregation 'home' after six months away from the building. In that time, the church has distributed 1 million meals to needy people, plus there is a new vision to expand next year.

This Sunday saw the launch of SOUL Church’s annual Heart for the House presentation, it also marked SOUL Church welcoming its congregation ‘Home’ after a period of 6 months. As if that’s not enough, there was some other spectacular news being unveiled on this day also.

In order to accommodate the church’s large congregation, and to ensure socially distancing guidelines were adhered to, the presentation took place across six services throughout the day. 

The Heart for the House presentation reflects on and highlights the great work of SOUL Church, with particular emphasis on the huge part it plays in the community and beyond.  It also looks forward to the year ahead, with a bolder vision being cast for 2021, which will enable SOUL Church to increase its impact in Norwich and beyond. One of these great initiatives is the opening of a SOUL Refuge Centre in the city centre to support the vulnerable and lonely in our city.
During the pandemic, the building may have been closed, but the church has been very much open and impacting lives through its weekly online presence on YouTube and Facebook, which has enabled the church to hugely increase its weekly reach and influence, with people watching from all over the world. This has also been demonstrated through its charitable arm, SOUL Foundation, which during this season has distributed over 1 million meals to families across our city. This has been made possible through a dedicated team of volunteers operating from a warehouse on the outskirts of the city that has been set up to store, pack and distribute boxes
of food which are then delivered by the team personally to some of the most needy and vulnerable households in our city each week. 
“It's an honour to have been able to do our part to make a big difference in our city during this season. Every week we are delivering an average of 45,000 meals to 5,000 families in our city. I was recently touched by some small children, who, when they answered the door to one of our team shouted mummy, we can now eat today.  It's hard to believe that this is a reality in our city, and it’s humbling to know that what we are doing is having such an impact,” said Sam Mooney, Head of SOUL Foundation.
“It was amazing to have been back in the building and see our congregation, and to share our ‘Heart for the House’ presentation with the incredible people who make up SOUL Church, it has been a day we will never forget. SOUL Church has always been about looking out for and making a difference to the one, and this is something we are more committed to as a church now more than ever. Our motto has simply been 'Jesus Cares'; and those 5,000 families who have been receiving our boxes of food each week will see this, as this statement is stickered on all of our food boxes, and getting this message out in a practical way has
been our motivation for doing what we are doing,” said Jon Norman, Senior Pastor, SOUL Church.
During the pandemic SOUL Church celebrated its sixth birthday through hosting a ‘drive-in’ Church of over 200 cars at its Heartsease site, with former Delirious band leader Martin Smith as the main act.
For the foreseeable future, SOUL Church will be meeting every month in the building at Mason Road across multiple services, and those wanting to attend will be asked to book their space via their website,  The next service is taking place on Sunday October 11. 

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