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Minister’s outreach at Sheringham boating lake

Local Christian, Graham Pickhaver has been sharing his testimony by giving out tracts at the model boating lake in Sheringham. Tony Rothe reports.

Graham, a minister with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, has written his testimony as a tract linked to his boating hobby, and he gives these out to any interested folk he meets whilst sailing his model yacht, Libera Ocean, at the model boating lake in Sheringham.
He writes, 'Christians are not always confident in sharing their story, but are usually quite comfortable talking about their hobbies, so a short tract is a particularly easy way to explain things further.'
The tract, entitled Drifting or Sailing? A Question about Life, outlines the history of Libera Ocean which was one of the Whitbread round-the-world racing boats of the early 90s. Graham then goes on to tell his own story of becoming a Christian.
Graham adds, ‘Three friends regularly go up to Sheringham lake to sail our boats, and it’s surprising how many others sit around the pond and watch, including families. Since I’m always looking for ways of witnessing, the tract seemed a good idea and when people come up to ask questions here would be my reply!
‘So, about four years ago, I decided to write this tract and since then I have given out over 100 but that would include other contexts too. Nobody so far has got back to me but that is the excitement of giving out tracts, particularly from a conversation, as that part of the story is in the Lord’s hands. I would certainly encourage other Christians to do the same’.
To read Graham’s tract, click here.
Graham can be contacted at  gpickhaver@outlook.com .


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Tony Rothe, 10/01/2022

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