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Norwich church bans alcohol for its leaders

PimlottsDacreWebA Norwich church has taken a firm line on the subject of alcohol by banning its leadership team from drinking and nightclubs as an example to its young people.
Norwich Family Life Church, which recently formed from a merger of Mount Zion Family Life Centre and Drayton Hall Church, has taken the stance.
The church runs the Wildlife youth club, one of the biggest in the city, and says it feels a special responsibility because of its large numbers of youngsters.
“We are aware of the huge and damaging effect alcohol can have on the lives of both old and young,” said senior pastor Trevor Pimlott. “We are equally conscious of the peer pressure young people face from friends both inside and outside the church. We know some are already being challenged and we would not wish to be a stumbling block to any of them. 
“As pastors, we must demonstrate leadership, be seen as an example and bring clear direction. Our decision is that from now on all involved in platform ministry at NFLC or who form part of the worship team, will be required to stand with us and similarly abstain from drinking alcohol and attending nightclubs,” said Trevor.
“Our purpose is not to bring people into bondage but to see all find freedom. By tackling the issue we hope to remove stumbling blocks that could hinder people in their Christian walk. It is from a heart of love and concern we share our position with the wider church community in order to stand with leaders of churches who may face similar concerns.”
“We realise some church leaders are more liberal in their views on the matter of alcohol than we are. At the same time we know of other leaders who have become equally as concerned. It was therefore extremely encouraging to hear that others have recently also been addressing the matter and are advising their young people to totally avoid alcohol,” said Trevor.
“It is not a rule or a pre-requisite for being part of the family at NFLC. To some it may not be sin and we are not saying it is. We are not wishing to be judgemental or saying our stance must be embraced by everyone. We believe however it is a matter that everyone should pray into and resolve in their heart.”
Pictured above are the leadership team at Norwich Family Life Church.
Thank you to all those Network Norwich readers who have joined in this important and lively debate and given their own views, while also listening to the opinions of other people.

We have decided to draw an end to this particular debate as one or two users were abusing our trust and the chance to make comments by falsely representing the views of others.


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