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Good Work's top ten criteria

Chris with Good Work Poster wwThe criteria for Good Work are not a set of rules or fixed ideas. Rather they are the start of a discussion we want people and organisations to engage with. They allow people to consider what they want for themselves and their contribution to working life, what companies and businesses want to promote in the work culture of their organisations. The criteria allow all age groups to think about the world of work in a very accessible way and make the connections between work, production, fulfilment and environmental responsibilities.


The criteria have been developed through discussion across Europe wih industrial mission initiatives in Finland, Austria, Czech Republic as well as in England and Wales.


The Good Work Criteria

  1. Produces things of real value
  2. Respects the dignity of every human being as the image of God
  3. Is service to your neighbour
  4. Gives you the opportunity to fulfill your vocation
  5. Doesn't make too many demands on creation (minimizing pollution and the wasting of natural resources)
  6. Gives adequate income and good working conditions
  7. Gives the possibility to influence working practices and rhythm of the work
  8. Enables adequate rest and relaxation
  9. Affirms each member of the working community or network
  10. Balances family life and time for paid work

If you would like to engage in the discussion please contacts any one of the chaplaincy team or call:


Barry Capon  - Chair of the Good Work Board
22 Lyhart Road, Eaton Rise, Norwich NR4 6RF
Tel/fax 01603 451507
Good Work (N&WIM)
Trinity United Reformed Church
1b Unthank Road
NR2 2PA 

Pictured above is former Good Work leader Rev Chris Warner with the Top Ten.