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Norwich Besom shares love in the community

Besom decoratingMaking a difference with a paintbrush: a Norwich Christian project is offering opportunities to people who can offer their time, money, skills and possessions to people in need across the city.

Norwich Besom has been linking Christians who want to give to those in need for eight years. It is part of a national movement of Christians who recognise the needs of others within their communities and act upon it. They believe that working together in this way can truly transform the city.
The project team of the Norwich Besom has been operating since January this year. Working in small teams they decorate rooms for people who can't manage it for themselves.
Armed with paint, rollers, prayer and enthusiasm they transform dark and dingy rooms into bright and cheerful spaces. They make a difference to people's lives too. Lonely and isolated people respond well to some sensitive, cheerful company and are encouraged by the demonstration of practical love from strangers. Some show an interest in knowing more about God's love for them. Where possible they are put in touch with their local church.
Besom babyBesom strives for excellence and, for example, insists on items being of good quality. Individuals can donate good quality household items, electrical goods and DIY items.

Some church groups have enjoyed buying new items for gift packs for people in need.
These have included:
  • a kitchen start up kit for people moving into a new home
  • a baby bath filled with items for a new baby
  • a rucksack filled with essentials for people living rough or just released from prison.
  • Christmas treat boxes
Full details of items that can be included in these gift packs is available on www.thebesominnorwich.co.uk
Besom vanSometimes it is difficult to measure the real difference made by a practical project such as Besom. Tony, a regular member of the project team was said, “When I first started doing projects, it was just that – a project and I wondered what difference it could possibly make. The more I have done, the more I realise that there is no room for egos and self righteousness; we are just sharing Jesus love for us with the occupiers and their support workers." 

The Besom in Norwich welcome volunteers to help - either just once or on a regular basis. The Besom can also come and talk with church congregations or small groups.
Tel: 07731 411553

To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: web@networknorwich.co.uk