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Matthew Project offers help to young people

MattProjectNoCompromiseThe Matthew Project was set up as a charity to demonstrate the love of God by offering unconditional and confidential help and support to young people, their friends and families across Norfolk with any difficulty they might be facing. 
The Matthew Project has been making a difference to all members of the community with drug and alcohol related problems. Through our services, clients receive advice, information, counselling and support and we continue to provide innovative drug education work to help young people make more informed choices.
Each year The Matthew Project reaches as many as 20,000 young people and 1,200 adults.
Few of us will escape being affected by alcohol or drug misuse in some capacity.
Our services include:
Creative and dynamic approach to drugs education, helping young people make more informed choices and to think about the risks of drugs and alcohol. Through thought-provoking assemblies, visiting Norwich clubs and youth events, young people receive the facts about drugs and alcohol
MattProjectTeamBusOur mobile outreach services visit youth clubs and rural villages providing a relaxed forum for young people to access information. It is an opportunity for young people to open up on the pressures they themselves are facing or the concerns they have with a friend.
Visiting police custody suites across the county to assess people with drug and alcohol problems. Breaking the cycle of drug misuse and acquisitive crimes to fund habits. Referrals are made to treatment agencies which can produce consequent reductions in drug use and drug related crime
Offering counselling support to young people, adults and carers. The 24-hour helpline, drop-in facility, an interactive website and resource room offer additional support. A Youth Counsellor works at Oak Grove Chapel providing counselling support to young children.
Housing advice given to over 60 people a week, helping clients lead a stable life and keep a roof over their heads
Working with vulnerable young people with a problematic drug or alcohol use. Clients age from 11 to 18 years old
Supporting us at your church would help to;
Communicate our services within your community – making people aware of the services available to reach more people living with the effects of alcohol and drug related problems who could benefit from Matthew Project support
Help fund our youth work – assisting us to reaching young people and help them understand about the risks of drugs and alcohol to help them make more informed choices.
Help fund our counselling work – we might work with people in need to immediate help due to a crisis, provide advice for anxious parents or provide support for young people.  
Can we come and talk at your church?
Can you display information at your church?
Can you organise an event to raise funds?
If you would like get involved please contact Caroline at The Matthew Project on
01603 626123 or email eldred.willey@matthewproject.org who will be happy to hear
from you.
reg. charity number 285256


To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: web@networknorwich.co.uk