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Norwich Christian charity teaches skills for work

Seven Cs ProjectThe Norwich based Christian social enterprise, Seven Cs, teaches practical skills in decorating, renovation and gardening to people struggling to find work because of difficulties in their past.  Do you have skills you could share to enable this valuable work to grow?

With the current economic situation it is an incredibly difficult time to find work.  It is even harder if you have been in prison or have been addicted to alcohol or drugs.  The way back to employment can seem nearly impossible as employers can afford to be choosy.  
A small Christian charity in Norwich is addressing these issues by practically equipping those who have the odds stacked against them to find work.   Seven Cs  offers a practical solution by teaching skills in decorating, renovation, gardening and carving.   The Seven C's stand for Carpentry, Cooking, Carving, Conservation, Computing, Counselling and Community.
The organisation has been set up as a social enterprise company with a Board of Directors and since its launch in 2012 has re-decorated several properties - one flat on behalf of a disabled man and others for a local housing association.  
Their first job was to redecorate St Augustine’s Church Hall in Norwich.   Presently, they have a contract with the Norwich Historic Churches Trust to limewash and repair the inside of St John de Sepulchre in Finkelgate, Norwich.  The team is half way through this huge project and slowly the church is being transformed; the stained glass is sparkling and life is coming back to the building as the restoration work proceeds.  
Most of the volunteers are just that; they are paid their travel expenses and have breakfast and lunch provided.  In return they gain not just new skills, but become part of a community gaining a real sense of achievement and a reason to get up in the morning. 
Seven Cs 2The only limitation on the work is the fact that the bulk of the teaching and organising rests on the shoulders of one woman, Lorie Lain-Rogers.  She has huge practical experience in both the building and carpentry trade, but even so, she only has one pair of hands.  There are many other people wanting and waiting to join the team at Seven Cs, but the project cannot accommodate them until the workload is shared more widely.
So the Seven Cs team are appealing for skilled help.  If you have time and the necessary decorating or gardening ability to join this small team, you could make a big difference to the life outcomes of the men and women who are seeking to join Seven Cs to help them get back into work.
Seven Cs are also looking for Christian men and women who have a heart to come alongside others, to become informal mentors.   If you are unable to help out practically by joining the team, but would love to support the work in prayer, they are desperate for your help too.
If you are interested in any way and would like to find out more, ring Lorie Lain-Rogers on 01508 480613 or 07733430681.

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