Norwich link for Olympic Christian magazine

The largest-ever print run of 55,000 copies of the free ‘Voice’ magazine, with true-life stories by Christian sportsmen, was edited in Norwich and distributed during the London 2012 Olympics. Michael Wiltshire reports.

OlympicVoiceMag420“This is a record for ‘Voice’ which was also well-received by crowds in towns and cities during the Torch Relay,” said the magazine editor, John Wright, a founder member of the FGB Men’s Fellowship in the UK.
“We normally produce 15,000 copies, four times a year, so this Olympic issue is our biggest issue yet,” said John, who is also a member of the Church of England’s College of Evangelists.
Members of FGB also worked with a mobile ‘trailer team’ in many UK locations, as well as with church-based outreach programmes under the ‘Going For Gold’ project which co-ordinated a united programme for hundreds of groups and churches.  Many of the thousands of the highly-praised Olympic volunteers were committed Christians.
Norwich Christians from various churches will also be travelling by coach and mini-bus to Wembley Stadium join with up to 70,000 Christians the largest-ever ‘National Day for Prayer and Worship’ on Saturday, September 29. For details, see the website NDOP Wembley.
Pictured above is the Olympic Voice magazine with true life stories by Christian sportsmen and an international team of Christian singers and musicians  involved with the FGB outreach trailer during the Olympics, led by  FGB member Trevor Bendrien, in the foreground.


Published: 19/08/2012