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Helen Pennington Left and CaroSouth Norfolk church welcomes Mums in Prayer

A rallying call, mobilising women to pray for their children and local schools, is being mounted at Hope Community Church, Wymondham on Saturday January 30 reports Sandie Shirley. 

The church is joining forces with Mums in Prayer UK (part of Moms in Prayer International) for a breakfast event from 8am at The Hub, Ayton Road. The aim – to build a strong army of praying mums to advance God’s purposes for their children in today’s adverse culture.   

The meeting will bring fresh prayer impetus to release hope and strength for mums carrying heavy burdens for their children explains Carolyn Skittrall from Hope who is staging the event with Helen Pennington - Mum’s in Prayer UK’s Norfolk co-ordinator.

Mums are invited to trade their anxiety for peace, joy and hope as they pray scripturally and specifically for their children and their schooling with other mums prior to a simple breakfast.  

The women behind the event have been meeting together for three years using the Mom’s in Prayer International four-step prayer guideline of praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession to actively transform the lives of their children and their schools.      

Now they are encouraging other mums, as well as aunts, grandmothers, godmothers and any woman committed to pray for a specific child and school, to join the revolutionary prayer initiative to see breakthrough and direction for their youngsters.  

When faithful women set aside an hour a week to get together to honour God, esteem his character and intercede with scripture for their children and their schools transformation can begin explains Helen, a member of Mulbarton Church

She believes the power of unified prayer has removed obstacles to her son’s future and brought protection. Helen explains that her teenager was snatched from the wreckage of his car, virtually unscathed, after it hit black ice when he should have died. 

“As we persevere in prayer we see God in our children’s lives from week to week since he loves them more than we do. There is mutual support with text messaging for increased prayer cover and when you hit a crisis you know you have prayed and there is peace because we give it to God – the all-sufficient one,” she adds.

“Children do not always fill the mould you expect of them but you can feel God’s presence when you pray.  We want to see mums commit to praying together once a week as they are led by the Sprit to pray God’s words and record their prayers,” says Carolyn, a mother- of- two.

Mums can pray in pairs or more, using resources and support from Moms in Prayer International to change the spiritual environment and effect change, confident that God is involved for the long-haul.   The network of dedicated mums is growing with groups in South Norfolk and Norwich. Specific groups can be formed for college and military children or those with special needs. Groups can also be formed for nursery to adult children adds Helen. 

Helen is part of a team that spearheads the ministry countywide after God touched her heart six years ago during a women’s prayer breakfast.  She heard about mums who were hurting for their children, believing prayer was the answer. She later discovered the international ministry that began in America 30 years ago but now includes over 140 countries. Before long Helen was using a copy of their manual to pray regularly with a Christian friend who was concerned for her children. 

Those initial, faltering prayer meetings spawned a new ministry. “God gave me a mission and unless I did something about it, it would not go away,” she says.  Today she raises its profile with prayer breakfasts and joins the UK co-ordinator and national team for monthly Skype prayer meetings to see every UK school covered in prayer.

In 2014 she attended a 1000-strong Mom’s in Prayer International ‘Festival of Joy’ conference in America and she is set to join the first UK prayer gathering for Moms in Prayer International in Oxford on Saturday April 16. Her passion and call to see God’s life-changing answers for children and schools gains momentum as other mums take up the baton and pray!    

For more details about the breakfast event and Moms in Prayer International contact: Carolyn Skittrall (, Helen Pennington ( 07986203347), Julie Bright (Norwich group -

Pictured above - Helen Pennington (left) and Carolyn Skittrall (right) 

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