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S Norfolk Filling Station tastes God’s goodness

Network Norfolk contributor Kevin Gotts attended the second meeting of the Christian Filling Station in Yare Valley with guest speaker Dave Elverson on April 21 and described the experience as having a ‘Great Taste’. 

“Great Taste” seems to be the phrase to describe some very fine coffees enjoyed these days.   And “Great Taste” helps describe Yare Valley Filling Station’s second meeting on Thursday, April 21.  Not only was fresh coffee and homemade cakes served, there was the ambience of the new School Hall in Alpington and an inspirational talk including taste by guest speaker Dave Elverson.

Dave, a local leadership and culture change consultant, began with his amazing miraculous healing four years ago from being paralysed from the neck down.  He then embarked on finding out more of being able to live a full life as promised in “his little book” the Holy Bible.

He went on to expand three points – Eat, Drink and Repeat. To eat was translated as “tasting that the Lord is good” and wants his children – believers of Jesus Christ, to know that there is much more to experience here on earth before the promise of eternal life in heaven.

To drink, he described as to “drink” in how God chooses to work through individuals mentioned throughout the Bible and called on the audience to dare to dream. Joy is released. His example was taking an apple, which with pips has the potential to grow into an orchard.  In his latest book, Creating a Culture of Overflow Dave stated, ‘Vision is so important: people having a vision and purpose is motivational and brings people alive.’

Repeat was taking the principle of stewardship, where a Christian believer will embrace an experience and replicate it for the benefit of others.  He illustrated this with an account of some healings of leg problems at a Norwich church.  The persons healed which Dave asked them to confirm, encouraged others and began praying for others with leg problems. 

Dave then invited those in the school hall with leg problems to identify themselves and those nearby to pray for healing.  Two guests confirmed feeling much better.  The invitation extended to those with back problems and one lady demonstrated a massive improvement, being able to bend and touch her toes – the first time for many years.  By the end of the evening, three others spoke of healing including a man who called in to collect a guest and asked for prayer for his back.

Dave with his wife Holly also leads a Global Legacy hub, part of the Bethel Church network in the East of England, and is gearing up to launch Kingdom Life Church in the summer.  Dave and Holly graduated from the leadership development course of Bethel Church in Redding, California a couple of years ago and he is now passionate about seeing everyone living life to the full as Jesus said he came to bring.

Yare Valley Filling Station is the fourth Filling Station in Norfolk and part of a network of 81 Filling Stations around the world.  Using monthly mid-week evening ‘celebration’ meetings held in non-church venues Filling Stations offer high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry. Their meetings are designed to be overtly spiritual but presented in a manner that those outside the church would feel comfortable. 

Yare Valley Filling Station’s next meeting is on Thursday, May 19 at Alpington and Bergh Apton Primary School, Wheel Road, Alpington, NR14 7NH with guest speaker Richard Fothergill, Director Filling Station.  They meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7.30pm.

Photo: Photograph by Kevin Gotts

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