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Founder inspires S Norfolk Filling Station meeting

Richard Fothergill, the Founder and Director of The Filling Station Trust spoke inspirationally at the Yare Valley Filling Station on October 20 at the first meeting in their new, larger venue in Bergh Apton.  Kevin Gotts reports.

On October 20 at the Yare Valley Filling Station Richard Fothergill addressed an audience of over fifty interdenominational church members and their guests. Refreshments were enjoyed from the Gardeners Kitchen Restaurant of Green Pastures Garden Centre, Bergh Apton, South of Norwich – the new venue for the Yare Valley Filling Station.

Founder and Director of the Filling Station Trust Richard Fothergill, an ordained minister, spoke on “What God is doing across the Filling Station network”.  The Network started 10 years ago and now has 85 different meetings across the UK with some abroad.  

Richard spoke of God’s Holy Spirit operating within the network, firstly speaking about his comfort.  He illustrated this using a story of a church minister close to giving up who attended a meeting and was so encouraged that he changed his mind; and six months later his church had expanded significantly.

He gave examples of healing by God in meetings. “A young mother who had not been in church for over 20 years was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, spoke with her Christian neighbour who took her to a meeting. Three days later following prayer, she had further tests in hospital showing 99% reduction in cancer cells,” explained Richard. 

A Scottish bus driver had been off work for over 9 months because of a back injury.  Hands were laid on his back on two occasions, and soon he miraculously threw away his stick and walked into a local church to tell joyfully of his healing and return to work.

Richard shared of significant numbers of conversions of people to the Christian faith.  One lady with agoraphobia with no knowledge of God, heard the voice of Jesus so Googled his name.  This led her to attend a meeting, where she invited Jesus into her life, and was later healed and massively transformed into a confident joyful person.

Richard then addressed the topic of signs and wonders.  His example was of a couple in France who had been trying to sell their home for two years without success.  Following prayer at a meeting, 3 days later a bid for the full amount was received and two months later they moved home.

In contrast to many negative influences in the modern world, Richard said, “There is new confidence in the Church, and we have the answer, standing out as people who have something different, a light, drawing others to God.”

Quoting Psalm 133:1 ‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity’, Richard told of Healing on the Streets (HOTS) initiatives where Christians from different backgrounds have found new unity and meet together regularly in public open spaces, offering prayer and ministry.  This led him to speaking about spiritual wisdom, where prayer is the number one priority and authority taken.  Many Christians pray specifically for neighbours, friends and their communities.

Richard concluded asking What’s Next?  A prophesy from a believer in South Africa showed significance in the national flag of the UK where God will move the nation into greater things.  “The Filling Station is now a major platform from which Jesus will work,” he confidently predicted. 

The next meeting of the Yare Valley Filling Station will take place on Thursday, November 17, 7pm – 9.30pm at Green Pastures Garden Centre, Mill Road, Bergh Apton, NR15 1BQ.  The guest speaker is Jill Gower, Director of Call to Prayer. 

Jill works to promote prayer at the heart of the church’s life so that it will impact our neighbourhoods, regions and the nation.  She works very closely with church leadership across Norfolk, and other prayer ministries across the UK.  Jill regularly teaches and specialises in the Hebrew Roots of our faith.  She has a heart to see the Church working in unity.  Please come and join us, free admission.
For more details contact Al Evans by email at or visit the website  or the Facebook page2017 meetings start on January 19.

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