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Surviving with God in a Norfolk wild wood

2016: Thirty men spent a day in a North Norfolk wilderness in November, learning to survive in atrocious weather and sharing their faith in God.

Christian Vision for Men ( and Global Adventure ( challenged thirty blokes from across the East of England to a day in the wilderness at Suffield near Aylsham in North Norfolk.
CODE Unleashed was billed as an event for those who like to think of themselves as a bit of a survivor. The men spent a day in a woodland in the wilds of Norfolk. The good old British weather did not hold back as the men had to overcome the onslaught of constant rain and chilling temperatures.
code unleashed axes 300CFThe guys were welcomed to the woodland base camp by a roaring fire and a cuppa. They learnt basic survival skills: starting and building a fire using a bow drill and firesteels; making and using a slingshot; and throwing axes at a piece of wood – although throwing axes might not be on Ray Mears’ list of ‘basic survival skills’!
There was inspirational testimony from Dave Hearn (Global Adventure) who described his journey from high ranking position in the US Navy, where he came across many battles. However, the biggest battle he identified was the spiritual battle that was going on all around us. He challenged us that life is a battle that we cannot do alone, we need our brothers and sisters around us.
Stephen Gladwell (CVM) talked about Jesus being “our Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend” - which is the first ‘code’ from CVM’s The CODE (  The CODE is a 12-point honour code that CVM have produced to help Christian guys to live as a Christian man in the world today. 
Folk not only left the day wetter than when they arrived, but also had this to say:

 James P "A brilliant day in the outdoors, doing practical 'man-stuff', getting to know other guys from the region, and inspired to be a strong man for Jesus. Definitely coming to the next one!"

Jim C "It was a meaningful and positive way to engage men with a strong message. There needs to be more like this."

Dave W "It was really good to meet up with others from our own church and beyond and chat about stuff we don't normally have either the time or inclination to do.”

Steve G "Being out in the open air was fantastic! The variety of activities were fun and gave us the chance to speak to other, like minded, Christian men from different backgrounds."

CVM is a National Evangelistic Men's Movement whose vision is to win a million men to Christ. Started by Max Sinclair in the 1980's, their priority is to partner with churches and equip them with the tools and resources to make church a great place for ordinary blokes and help them connect with a loving God.  CVM doesn't want a church dominated by men or male characteristics nor do they want to make church a men’s club, just a place where men can be gripped, excited and transformed by Jesus - it's as simple as that!
For more information about future CVM events please contact Stephen Gladwell ( or Simon Fenn (

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