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Norfolk publisher's new books on the End Times 

Norfolk Christian publisher Branch Press, run by evangelist John Wright, has made two new books on the End Times available online.

Trumpet Blast Warning – A concise edition of an End Time Prophetic Wake Up Call by Jason Carter, reveals what it says is astonishing research into the truth behind ‘fake news’, plans for global government and the occult practices of many world leaders. Jason Carter has taught on Signs of the End Times at Life Bible College and hosts a weekly radio show End Time Hour with Eternal Radio.
Sign of the End Times, written by John Wright, reminds us of the Biblical prophecies of the end times.
John says: “It is often said that Jesus did not know the time of His return, but He and the Father are One, so He did know. In the oft quoted verse, 'only the Father knows' Jesus was simply quoting a Jewish idiom about the unknown time of the start of the Feast of Rosh Hashanah when the new moon appears. He did say, however, that we would know the season of His return. In the Encyclopaedia of Biblical Prophecy there are 600 prophecies up to the final seven-year Tribulation. These have all happened! Although there have always been wars and famines, it is this Prophetic Calendar that endorses current events as likely signs of the Lord’s return.”
Writing about the booklet, Rev Dr Alistair Petrie said: “It appears as if God is challenging His people to wake up through the events of these days. So Signs of the End Times will serve as an immensely strategic tool in enabling us to find answers to searching questions. Be prepared to have your eyes opened and your faith deepened.”
Also available by John, a member of the College of Evangelists Emeritus, is his free online booklet 'Shout it from the Rooftops.'
John hopes that this book will teach the fun and joy of witnessing to strangers with 50 stories of what can happen when we do.”  Evangelist Canon J John, who has written a foreword to the book, writes. “Don't sign up for the conspiracy of silence - share your faith!” It is also commended by the Bishops of Bristol, Chichester and Durham, the former Bishops of Brentwood and London, the National Leader of AOG and John Coles of New Wine who says; “If you want to grow in your ability to introduce others to Jesus, this book is a must!”
All three are available to download free or to buy from www.branchpress.com

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