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Transforming Norwich launches new initiatives

Transforming Norwich announced three groundbreaking initiatives at its AGM on June 2, held after its annual conference at St Luke’s in Norwich.
As a part of its stated aim to ‘Make Norwich a Fine Community’ Transforming Norwich is launching a survey to identify common ground between the churches so that there is a clearer platform from which they can work together. The survey has been designed by John Dubbey (pictured right)from King’s Community Church and will soon be available to download from the Network Norwich website.
City Reps
The second initiative is a move to appoint a ‘City Representative’ for each Transforming Norwich church and organization, whose task it will be to provide a bridge between their church and the work of the City Council.

Those appointed will form a group who will spearhead all discussions on relevant issues with members of the City Council, following on from the City Church Dialogue process which has been in progress for the last three years, led by Howard Green.
‘Adopt a week’ of Prayer
Finally the conference has invited Churches to ‘Adopt a Week of Prayer’ in which they will undertake to provide a focus for prayer for the City for one week -using any prayer meetings, their Sunday service, and whatever they can dream up, to encourage prayer to make Norwich a Fine Community. This initiative is being led by Jill Gower.
The AGM also saw most of the Transforming Norwich executive committee remain for a second year. John Betts (New Hope) remains as chairman, Rev Nick Vesey (St Luke’s) is vice chairman, John Easton (St Luke’s) is treasurer and Jean Easton (St Luke’s) is elected as secretary. The remainder of the committee is John Dubbey (Kings), Graham Fletcher (NCBC), Nigel Fox, (Wroxham Road), Eldred Willey (Christian Aid), Biddy Collyer (Pregnancy Crisis), Mark Tuma (NYFC), Ian Hatfield (St George’s), Jill Gower (Call to Prayer). Ex officio: Richard Capper (NCCT), Heather Vesey (Communications).


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