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What is Good Work?

Chaplains with Julie wwwGood Work is the “brand name” for Norfolk & Waveney Industrial Mission.

Launched in 2006 at the County Show Julie Reinger (Look East's weather presenter) was one of many who visited our stand and helped us set the scene on our new identity.

It tries to address the growing feeling that “Industrial Mission” doesn’t, as a name, truly reflect the broad diversity of people and work places we serve and offers images of large industrial sites, heavy machines and dirty environments.

Whilst we would wish to be present still, in such demanding work places the fact is that in Norfolk and Waveney 90% of working people are in companies of less than ten employees and public service, tourism, small business are the “bread and butter” of the local economy.
Good Work is an ecumenical initiative supported by all the main-stream denominations of the church. It also works with people of all faiths and none. Good Work supports everyone from janitors, grass cutters and dinner ladies to seafarers, shop workers, laundry workers, wheelie bin collectors, hospital workers, sugar producers, engineers and chief executives.

Good Work Team wwwWe provide work place chaplains to support all these and more besides, whether on board ship, at their desk, or over lunch in county hall, in their food processing plant in Thetford, on their rounds in the Borough of Great Yarmouth, in their school kitchen, in their shop, at their reception desk or where they are working on a pressing or drying machine, in fact wherever they work.

Industrial Mission has been about for a long time but in Norfolk & Waveney we decided that Good Work better reflects the breadth of our work place activity, the quality of the ministry and the hopes that we have of what people do and how they are supported in doing it.

County Hall wwwRev Chris Warner, who formerly headed up the Good Work team, said: “Being there for people in the cut and thrust of their working lives is very important to us. The whole team is really committed to serving people in this way. People are people whether they are working or resting, at home or at the office, shop or factory.

“If people are struggling at home they take that struggle into the workplace, and if their job is stressing them out then the family will feel it. We can no longer expect people to compartmentalize their feelings; switch themselves on and off to suit family or employer.

Peter Ship visits crop www“Of course it’s very important for people to have a good work/life balance and that is what everyone should aim for because then it is easier to switch off and enjoy where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. But the start is being there for people: laughing with those who laugh, mourning with those who mourn, listening, learning, supporting and praying the hurt or the happiness.” 

Good Work as a brand represents our aim to support the good work people do and to encourage an understanding about work which is relevant to people in the great diversity of contexts we find ourselves drawn into as part of our mission and ministry.
We used the Norfolk County Show as the stage for the launch of Good Work in 2006 and engage visitors of all ages in a conversation about what good work is. School children, farmers, bishops, bar staff and weather forecasters all came along and all found it easy to engage with the ideas of Good Work.
Chris with Good Work Poster wwAt the heart of Good Work is an open discussion about what good work is; how we engage in it, contribute towards it, promote it and enjoy it. Links with our European mission partners has helped us with a set of criteria for good work. You will find them elsewhere on the web site.
They help us to see that the workplace chaplaincy we offer is rooted in an understanding of empowerment as well as need. We are all able to engage in improving working life personally and corporately, locally and globally. We can do it by seeing how our own lives are shaped by the quality of work we do and the way our work impacts on the environment for good or ill.
The first call on our time is responding to pastoral need as we meet it in being around and offer support to individuals in the work place at every level.
We also believe that the ways work and the economy are structured are important too and we enjoy engaging with those who want to explore these issues.
You can be involved in or support Good Work
  • Remember all our chaplains in your prayers as they serve people in the workplace week by week
  • Contribute to the costs of offering chaplaincy – we need to raise around £10,000 on top of the existing support and sponsorship we receive

Call Barry Capon - Chair of the Good Work Board and ask for an information pack 
22 Lyhart Road, Eaton Rise, Norwich NR4 6RF
Tel/fax 01603-451507

or Good Work (N&WIM)
Trinity United Reformed Church
1b Unthank Road