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Hundreds of youngsters flock to Norwich church

ECCKidszoneHundreds of young people are flocking to Earlham Christian Centre in Norwich because of the great range of activities which the church is providing for them.
Last week, during half-term, the church saw anything up to 100 young people come through its doors every day to attend a very successful holiday club for 5-12 year olds, making this possibly the biggest Christian holiday club in the city.

Pastor Paddy Venner said: “The clubs run every holiday and half-term and are a two-hour daily package of high action, crafts, quizzes, Bible Stories and high voltage singing.”
The amount of young people visiting the church is no surprise because of the large amount of work the church engages in with them all-year round.
ECClifekidzECC runs four other outreach clubs into the local area. These are Noah’s Ark which is a Parent/Toddler group running on a Tuesday morning from 10 to 12; KidZone which runs on Thursdays between 4:30 and 5:30 for kids aged 4-6 – and is attended by up to 15 kids every week; LifeKidz – age 7-9 at 4:30 to 5:30 on a Thursday with up to 32 kids a week, and YouthQuake for kids aged 10-12, Thursdays 6-7 and attracting up to 40 youngsters per week.
The church also runs assemblies in 13 local schools, and LifeSkills classes in three of them.
Sunday services have boomed with a total of around 220 to 250 people attending in total on Sundays now. Paddy said: “The meetings are best described by attenders as ‘exciting’; ‘a sense that something is about to happen’; and first time visitors , which we have every week , say things like ‘I felt accepted straight away’ and ‘I haven’t felt the presence of God like this for a long time’.
“ECC is a church where healings and salvations are the norm and where all is propelled by a love for people and  a huge vision. All we can say is ‘watch this space’.”


Article printed from at 17:23 on 17 January 2020