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Norfolk church helps feed 500 people in Malawi

FrankNantongweWebBy Sandie Shirley
2009: Moved by the plight of a poor, struggling farming community in Malawi, where his grandparents once lived, Frank Nantongwe has inspired his Wymondham church to provide over £1200 for this year’s harvest - ensuring food for its 500 villagers.
“The money bought fertiliser in time for the planting season. The villagers are very excited - the harvest is now growing so there will be enough food for the year after the Malawi government withdrew their aid package,” said Frank, a member of Hope Community Church
Frank visits Chapita - the village in southern Africa - to assess on-going needs, oversee developments and help raise awareness on his return. To date schools and churches across the county have provided a lifeline for the arable farming society that has no commercial enterprise and state welfare to off-set the problems of drought and crop failure.  
MalawiChildrenChapitaWebChapita, like other villages in Malawi, relies on aid to break the poverty cycle. Most of the peasant farmers live in temporary mud huts without electricity or running water and walk long distances to hospital. Children are usually employed on their parents’ small-holdings to provide for school necessities such as stationery.
Donations have helped fund water, arable, livestock and transport projects as well as   secondary education for some youngsters. Hope Community Church raised the fertiliser money, and an emergency fund, from the offering at the Christmas Carols by Candlelight Service last year. Some church members staged fund raising events to provide for five bicycles. The vital transport can also be hired out to generate a maintenance income. 
“Need is on-going. We are now looking to develop the livestock project to buy more goats to provide meat, fertiliser, milk and breeding possibilities,” said Frank. For more information contact:
Pictured above is Frank Nantogwe with wife Fran and son Martyn and also Malawian children in Chapita.
., 29/03/2009

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