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Christians urged to make their Euro votes count

VotingPaperBy Keith Morris

2009: Voters across the Eastern region are being offered the chance to vote for a party which promises that “the uncompromising Christian voice is heard where it counts” while Anglican Archbishops have urged voters not to let the MPs’ expenses scandal drive them into voting for the BNP.
With both local and European elections being held on June 4, Christians have been stepping into the political arena
In a joint statement, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York said: "The temptation to stay away or register a protest vote in order to send a negative signal to the parties represented at Westminster will be strong. In our view, however, it would be tragic if the understandable sense of anger and disillusionment with some MPs over recent revelations led voters to shun the ballot box.”
Dr Rowan Williams (pictured right in Norwich) and Dr John Sentamu said: “There are those who would exploit the present situation to advance views that are the very opposite of the values of justice, compassion and human dignity are rooted in our Christian heritage.
RowanWilliamsPulpit1Web“Christians have been deeply disturbed by the conscious adoption by the BNP of the language of our faith when the effect of those policies is not to promote those values but to foster fear and division within communities, especially between people of different faiths or racial background.
"This is not a moment for voting in favour of any political party whose core ideology is about sowing division in our communities and hostility on grounds of race, creed or colour; it is an opportunity for renewing the vision of a community united by mutual respect, high ethical standards and the pursuit of justice and peace.”
Meanwhile Norfolk voters, along with those in the rest of the Eastern region and across the country have a wealth of parties to choose from in the Euro elections. They include the main Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats as well as a host of smaller parties who all have a better chance of gaining a seat in the proportional representation system used.
One of the options is the Christian Party Christian Peoples Alliance who say they stand for “genuine Christian values and a real moral agenda in the political realm” and to “ensure that this uncompromising Christian voice is heard where it counts”.
“The time has come for Christians of all denominations to stand up for their beliefs and resist the tide of secularism destroying our country. The Christian Party exists to fulfill this vital role,” says the Alliance, a non-denominational Christian political party which “provides a united Christian witness across the nation to ensure that the message of the Bible is heard and heard where it matters”.

The Alliance’s key commitments are: A Christian Europe; Greening the Global Economy; Trade Justice and Equality; Respect for the Human Person; End Secrecy and Corruption in the EU; and a Referendum  on the Lisbon Treaty.
JeremyTyrrellThe candidate at the top of the Alliance’s list is Jeremy Tyrrell (pictured right), Director of Corporate Services for an accountancy firm with offices in Bedfordshire. He is a long-standing proponent of Christian Democracy in Britain, Jeremy was a founding Executive member of the Christian Peoples Alliance. He is a local parish councilor and a member of the PCC at St. Mary’s Church, Cardington, Bedford.
 Married with a young daughter, away from politics he is actively involved in his local rugby club amongst other interests in the Bedford community.
The other independent parties canvassing for vote in the Eastern region include: Animals Count; English Democrats Party; British National Party; Jury Team; No2EU: Yes To Democracy; Pro Democracy:; The Green Party; United Kingdom First; Independent; Socialist Labour Party; United Kingdom Independence Party

To find out more about other parties and candidates visit

You can vote now on whether you think Christians should be involved in the political arena on the home page and add your comments by clicking here 


., 28/05/2009

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