Norfolk's Susan makes a drama out of a crisis

SusanRoseMaskBy Sandie Shirley
2009: Susan Rose is young, dynamic and brimming with confidence. She launched her Christian drama healing drama ministry for women 18 months ago in Norfolk after God took her from breaking to making point to remove the emotional baggage that was holding her back.
At nearly 25, she confesses to being unique, random and radical as well as a pioneer to release women‘s hearts. Through her Drama Healing Ministry she touches the deep issues of rejection, abuse and low-self esteem that affect thousands of women in today’s church pews as she gives her inspiring testimony, drama and talks. “I want women to be warriors for God and reach their full potential. So often they are not all they can be because of past hurts,” says Susan.
“I have not gone to Bible school but I talk from the heart,” says the woman who has appeared at dozens of conferences and women’s meetings across Norfolk, spoken on national Christian radio and highlighted the work at last year’s five-day Grapevine conference in Lincolnshire.
“I have had the privilege of talking to hundreds of women. I am seeing tears and pain resurface after years or even decades. One woman in her sixties broke down, speaking about the pain from a divorce that she had carried for a long time. I have been likened to a wooden spoon - stirring up the hurts of unresolved issues to see them dealt with through the prayer team that are always on hand where I speak.”
SusanRoseWebShe encourages others “to remove their masks and be real” when she reveals her former self – a woman who enjoyed social drinking with friends and suffered broken relationships with men. The latter has meant pressing through disappointment, difficulty and rejection. It took four tough, lonely years of facing truth, heartache and embracing her own identity and spiritual potential for God to reinvent her life and use her for others. 
“I think I am the most unlikely candidate imaginable for this but it is God‘s work and I am seeing the fruit of it,” says Susan.   
Fresh out of university with a drama degree, she struggled to make sense of her life and who she was after being consumed by the characters she played on stage. “I appeared confident but deep down I was insecure and quick to conform to the expectations of those around me. I did not know what I was worth in God’s eyes, since it is difficult to receive his acceptance when you have been rejected. 
“I applied for work with Christian drama groups but I was running before I could walk. The foundations of my life were broken and they needed to be restored. Now I realize that I could never be used to help others unless I had experienced the things I went through,” says Susan who bases her ministry on clay jars containing treasure (2 Corinthians 4: 6-7).   
Years previously Susan admits she wanted to tread the boards and be famous. Today she has a different stance: “I can use my drama to touch many women through God since I have learnt to be confident in front of an audience which is vital. There is light in women’s eyes as the release of my testimony is like a key to unlock their hearts.”
The work has escalated. From a few simple sketches performed at Dereham Baptist Church, Susan is looking to work with Pregnancy Crisis centres and enlarge her mission across the county and UK. For more information: email:

Forthcoming events from Drama Healing Ministry:

Princess and a Warrior: an evening for women looking at Esther and how we can be like her, both princess and warrior for God.
September 28, 7-9.30pm, Fountain of Life Church, Ashill
Free Admission
Three talks for women looking at our own hidden treasurer, the masks we wear emotionally and spiritually that can stop us being free in Christ and a talk for single ladies not settling for second best.
Hidden Treasure: September 18
The Seven Deadly Masks: October 16
He loves me, He loves me Not: and evening for single women: November 20
All three talks take place at Costa Coffee above Tescos in Dereham from 730-9pm.
For more information of all events contact Susan Rose on 07513 914349 or


., 17/09/2009

Sharon (Guest) 24/09/2009 22:14
I would encourage all women to attend teh Princess and warrior evening, 3 generations of my family went along, myself, my Mum and my teenage daughter and we all came away being encouraged and inspired. Susan has a real God given gift and an evening with Susan is so refreshing for women of all ages.

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