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Norfolk Lent studies focus on temptation

colouredbook2010: Sexism, homophobia, baptism and faith are some of the topics covered in this year's Lent Bible studies organised by Norfolk and Waveney Churches Together.


This year the ecumenical studies are drawn from the letters of Paul and focus on "the hard parts". The reason for this choice of topic is because Lent symbolises a time of temptation. John Myhill, who will facilitate the studies explains, "The temptation when reading the letters of Saint Paul is to ignore the passages which challenge our assumptions, and concentrate on those which reinforce our existing beliefs."


The objective of this course of study is to encourage each other to face up to the temptations, by sharing our varied understandings of these controversial issues.

John says, "It will not be easy, and we will have to listen attentively to each other; but I am convinced that scriptures are there for our discomfort as well as our comfort."  

Everybody is invited to take part in these ecumenical group discussions at Goat Lane Quaker Meeting House for six Monday mornings (10am till 1pm) starting on Monday 22nd February.

The Bible studies

1) What is Sexism? 1 Corinthians 7/11:5/14:33-5/ Galatians 3:27-8/ Ephesians 5/ Philippians 2/ Colossians 3/ 1Timothy 2
2) What is Homophobia?   Romans 1:16-17& 24-31/ 1Corinthians 4:8/ 5:1-2/ 8:1-9/   1Timothy 1:9 /
3) What is the Sacrament of Baptism?   Romans 6:3-4/ 1Corinthians 10/ Ephesians 4:5/ 5:26/ 12:13/ Titus 3:5/  
4) What is Forgiveness?  2 Corinthians 2/ Colossians 3:13 / Hebrews 8
5) What do we understand by Faith?  Romans 10:17/ 11:20/14:1-2/ 1Coorinthians 13:2 / 15:17/ Galatians 5/13    
6) What is Love?  Romans 5:5-8/ 8:35/ 12:9/ 13:9/ 1Corinthians 8:3/ 13/ 2Corinthians 13:14/ Galatians 5:14&22/ Ephesians 3:18-19/ 4:15/  1Thessalonians 3:12/ 1Timothy 1:5/6:10/ Titus 1:4/ 3:4/ Philemon 1:5&9/  
The references are intended as background reading for each session. A few extracts will be read from different translations at each session. The group will be encouraged to consider their assumptions about the meaning of each verse, the challenges it presents and share any new insight that comes from the reading.


., 11/01/2010

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