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Good Work Annual Report to AGM

Barry Capon wwwGood Work (Norfolk and Waveney Industrial Mission) Ltd

Chair’s Report to AGM 25th July 2016


This year we have been preoccupied with trying to see our way forward against a background of reduced income, and no real prospect of a team leader. We have 5 chaplains now with The Rev Liviu Barbu being appointed to the County Hall chaplaincy, the council having decided that a chaplain was a post they wished to continue to have and Liviu was appointed after appropriate advertisement and interviews. The Rev Chris Copsey has taken on the role with the Matthew Project. We have been told by the Mission to Seafarers that we will now receive Half of their previous full grant of 50% of the costs of the Port Chaplaincy in Great Yarmouth. We are not planning to recruit more chaplains at this time in view of the uncertainty about our future. There are however various organisations which would like a chaplain


We considered at several meetings our possible future strategy. We then submitted a paper to the Norfolk and Waveney Churches Together (to whom we are nominally responsible) setting out the difficulties we now have and will have, seeking their views and possible recommendations about the best way forward. We received a reply from the Bishop of Norwich, the Very Rev Graham James, commenting on our paper and inviting us to send two members to their next meeting in November 2016 to discuss this further with themTeam Leader

The possibility of the Diocesan Ecumenical officer taking on some role with the Trust has not happened as the limited time given to that post would not allow any of the time to be given to supporting us

Team Activities

I hope to circulate a short report from each chaplain about their year. Unfortunately there will not be one from the Rev Liviu Barbu as he has gone on holiday to Romania and was not asked for a report before he went! Suffice it to say that he has settled in well at County Hall. His work is much appreciated there and he is very happy with his role

As before the chaplains have contributed money to our funds from various sources. We are grateful to them for this

Peter’s office is now in the Seafarers Centre in Great Yarmouth. I hope to have a report from the chairman of the Centre Committee about its use and what they would like from Peter

Despite these worries about our future our chaplains have continued their much needed work which is so valued. I am sure the Board would want to express our thanks and gratitude for what they do, often in difficult circumstances


Our Chaplains Conference (organised as before by the Rev Chris Copsey) took place on 12th October at Diocesan House Easton. It was multi faith and multidisciplinary. It was well attended. The key item was a presentation of a report by a researcher from THEOS about a survey of chaplaincy of all kinds in Luton. Arising from this presentation there is now thought being given to the possibility of a similar survey of chaplaincy in Norfolk and perhaps an adjoining county

The Retreat planned for the 20th Sept did not take place

The Retreat this year is again planned to be at Quiet Waters and we hope for good attendance by the Team and Board membersThe Conference is to be on Monday 17th October. Details will be circulated widely as soon as final arrangements are settled

Board membership

Many thanks to all Board members for their support especially to the Treasurer and to me. After 40 years as Treasurer Andrew Rouse finally was able to retire because we received a very kind offer from the Anglican Diocese that their Director of Finance Susan Bunting would take over this role. Her assistant Ben Tooke now looks after us most efficiently. We were able to persuade Andrew to remain on the board as an “ordinary“ trustee

We have had to say goodbye as a trustee to the Rev James Stewart, the Bishop’s Chaplain who is now to be the Rector of Thorpe St Andrew. We are most grateful for all his very full and active support to us during his time on our board. We wish him every success in his new role

Ms Paula Aspland has now settled in as a new trustee

We have received no response from the Methodists to our request for a representative on our board. We still have neither Baptist member nor anyone from the Great Yarmouth area


The Treasurer will have circulated reports. The Board has already received reports of the 2015 outturn. We made a surplus. The forecast for 2016 was that we would make a deficit but there are various receipts arriving which may ensure we break even. The picture for 2017 is however far from comfortable. The Mission to Seafarers are reducing their grant by 50%, a loss of £6400 from the 2016 grant.( Although this is a welcome change from their first suggestion that we would have no grant at all in 2017). All this means that we must review the nature of our contract with the Rev Peter Paine and decide what sort of port chaplaincy we provide in and after 2017. Grants from other usual sources are also reducing or being cancelled


We still hold our meetings in rooms at Ipswich Road URC and we are most grateful for their hospitality in that we have car parking, use of a kitchen, and meeting room all for free. You will see from the accounts that they make a generous grant too. I am hoping that they will do so again in 2017

Our Future

It is uncertain. However we are sure that the work our chaplains do is vital, well received and should continue, whether through us or otherwise. By this time next year hopefully all will be clear and any arrangements up and working. Please pray for all involved, and especially for our chaplains

B J C apon



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