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Rector's novel adds drama to Norfolk church

JaniceScott4002010: A Norfolk Rector, and one of the first women priests in the country, has brought high drama to the pews with her new novel about life in a rural parish.

Casting the Church in a more human light, author Janice B. Scott's (right) novel, Heaven Spent, reveals priests as people who experience all of the same emotions and struggles as the rest of the population.

Curates are always over-eager to get going and change everything. Incumbents are just the opposite; they are very cautious and unwilling to accept any change. So what happens when a young woman takes on a curate position that reports to a controlling rector?

The Reverend Polly Hewitt, a recently ordained deacon in the Church of England, is starting her first post as a curate for Canon Henry Winstone. Henry, who is nearing retirement, is very traditional and set in his ways.

Janice said: “Polly is straight out of college and full of energy and new ideas; she clashes with old-fashioned Henry and his wife, Mavis, from the outset and is soon in trouble with the bishop. Following his difficulties with Polly, Henry has a breakdown and begins to question his faith. The arrival of a mysterious woman, come to find a father she's never met, further complicates. And then Polly is falsely accused of a crime and arrested.

HeavenSpent“These intertwined lives collide and unravel in this fast-paced, engrossing drama that sheds light on what it means to be of faith, and to be simply human nonetheless.”

Janice is a Rector of six small parishes on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, where she lives with husband Ian. Prior to her ordination in 1994, as part of the first group of female priests in the United Kingdom, she was a physiotherapist.
Janice writes as The Village Shepherd on a Christian website, which gives her the opportunity to share short stories and sermons, and has published a book of children's stories.
She is already working on the sequel to Heaven Spent.
Heaven Spent publisher's website: www.eloquentbooks.com/HeavenSpent.html  ISBN: 9781608609475

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