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Norwich Christian singer to release first album

DanielHarrisonDeep320This summer Norwich Christian artist Daniel will be releasing his first album - Thirsty Soul Music. Aaron Curran reports.

Daniel Harrison, who uses the stage name Daniel, lives in Norwich and attends City Church Norfolk. His musical journey began 31 years ago when he had a vision from the Lord calling him to music but it has been in more recent times that he has seen the doors opening for him.
Thirsty Soul Music, Daniel’s first album, is a mixed genre album that is heavily influenced by 70s prog rock, blues, jazz fusion, folk and punk, however, its underlying theme is the Christian message that Daniel strongly believes in.
One song on the 12-track album “Get Saved”, addresses the fact that one day we will meet our maker, that we will all have to give an account of our lives, there will be no defence lawyer, no jury, no other way in but through a relationship with Jesus, there will be no one shaking their fists and yelling at God and blaming Him, therefore each individual needs to know the importance of ‘getting saved’ by becoming a Christian and living a life worthy of the call.
Daniel performs the majority of the instruments on the album and in a couple of places guest musicians such as Ian Sexton (guitar), Richard South (bass), Robert Green (guitar) and Sam Witton (keyboards) have been invited in to give a helping hand. He has recorded all the vocals for the album as well as the backing vocals, and is producing the CD himself under the watchful and very capable eye of John Cohen, in fact the album may well turn out to be a co-production, but that remains to be seen.
The album is due to be released this summer, although at this time the date is still to be confirmed. After the release Daniel plans to perform his album as part of a UK tour and hopes to start gigging later on this year.
Daniel said: “The aim of this album is to win souls and to share Jesus with the people on the street. I want to thank the Lord for using me to do this and I am humbled by the fact he has. My wife Annmarie and I have been praying that the people who would help launch this project would come to us quickly, and God has been blessing us in all of this, including the right musicians, music distributors, production team, and equipment for the studio as well as live gigging, it has been overwhelming but incredibly exciting too.”
Daniel is thankful to both his mum Violet and wife Annmarie, for all the patience and support they have given him whilst working on his album.
Daniel is an unsigned artist, and there is a strong possibility that the album will available on iTunes
For more information on the album please e-mail, or for up-to-date news on the album search Daniel Thirsty Soul Music on Facebook
Pictured above is Norwich singer Daniel Harrison. Picture by Josie Pointer.


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