Desecration of crucifix at North Norfolk church

StJosephCrucifix4002012 : A bronze Jesus stolen from a north Norfolk church has been removed by scrap metal thieves who hacked the memorial grave with a chain-saw - an act branded as “desecration” by a shocked Catholic priest.

The crucifix tribute to the founding father of Sheringham’s only listed building, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, was stolen last week. Father Denys Lloyd said the parishioners were “hurt and shocked” by the incident, which has caused “substantial damage” to the 73-year-old relict.
He added: “It’s not just vandalism, it’s desecration. For us Catholics, it’s a very solemn act to commit. I think it’s a very bitter blow because the grave and crucifix are simply an important part of the church and the heritage of parish.”
It was first noticed last Saturday morning, January 7. A police spokesman said: “Persons have carved through a wooden memorial and removed a metal figure of Jesus, leaving a wooden memorial behind. The metal figure is approximately eighteen inches in length.
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