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Sheringham beach party outreach draws crowds

BL extra all 373 AR2013: The Sheringham BeachLife Extra outreach attracted 150 children and young people to an indoor beach party at February half term.   Tony Rothe reports.

The Beachparty was held on Friday February 22 at Sheringham Primary School on Cooper Road in the town, and was split into afternoon and evening sessions.
BL extra craft 346 ARFor primary age children, (up to age 11) the fun started at 12.30, when everyone enjoyed their picnics together, followed by a "Beach Special" with singing, games, drama, and mystery soup. There was also the debut screening of a DVD starring two mystery rappers which introduced the theme of the afternoon : "The House on the Rock".

This was followed by a  range of exciting activities, including  a large Bouncy Castle, a Gladiator duel, large games, computer games, penalty shoot out, beach sports, craft activities etc. The afternoon concluded with a celebration with songs and fun, finishing at 3pm. 

Young people aged 11 to 18 enjoyed Pete and Mark’s Big Night Out, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, also at the Primary School, where similar activities continued throughout the evening.
“We had around 100 kids in the afternoon, and about 50 young people in the evening” explained co-ordinator Pete Skivington, Youth Pastor at the town’s Baptist Church, “This is a fantastic response, and provides a good launchpad for our main outreach next summer, which will be from August 27 to 30.”
For more information about BeachLife Extra, visit  www.sheringhambeachlife.co.uk  

Or contact Peter Skivington at youth@sheringhambaptistchurch.co.uk

or phone him on 07919415554

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