Christian UEA rapper releases charity album

Chris Picasso GaisieChris ‘Picasso’ Gaisie, a Christian rapper studying at UEA, has released a self-produced album to raise money to go on a 10-week placement in Bolivia with Tearfund’s International Citizen Service programme.  Download the lead single for free. 

Chris Gaisie, known as ‘Picasso’, is a 21 year old rapper and producer from South London, currently studying at the University of East Anglia.  On Friday April 26 Picasso released his first album “The Magnificent Journey” with all sales going to raise the £1,500 needed to take part in a volunteering trip to Bolivia in July.

'The Magnificant Journey' is a concept album following the story of a robot on an adventure to find his creator.

Chris said: “The entire project was written, produced and mixed by myself, with the exception of a few features. I wanted to use the story of a robot searching for its creator to reflect my own journey in life. So while it is fictional, the album also presents a personal look at some of my own joys and trials as a Christian.”

You can listen and download the lead single, ‘Voyage to the Edge’ featuring Lydia Rae and Josh Smith, for free below: 

You can download the album for a minimum price of £7.00 here

The 10 week placement is organised by Tearfund and Croydon based youth charity, Reachin’ Higher.   It is part of the International Citizen Service which enables young people up to the age of 25 to go to countries such as Bolivia, Burundi, Rwanda and Cambodia.  Chris will be part of a team who will be working with disadvantaged young people in schools and orphanages.

Chris said: “Going on a volunteering trip like this is something that's been on my heart for a while. I'm really excited about seeing God move in a different context and the opportunity to be a part of that, practically showing God's love, is amazing.”

Chris is also growing an all-round afro on his head and chin in order to raise the £1,500 he needs for his trip.  If you would like to sponsor him click here.

To find out more about Chris 'Picasso' Gaisie and his music you can go to his Facebook page or follow him on twitter @chrisispicasso. 

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