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400 miles and meditation on charity bike ride

bike rideFour volunteers completed a 400 mile charity bike ride, starting in Wales and finishing in Lowestoft, visiting Christian meditative stations along the way.

On Monday 15th July, four volunteers finished a sponsored ride they had started a week earlier and one that had taken them the 400 miles from St David’s Head in Wales to Lowestoft Ness.  

Bill, Lee, Wayne and James embarked upon the challenge to raise money for Seven Cs.   This charity is helping them get back into work after long-term unemployment caused by difficult, and challenging, life circumstances.   It offers a practical solution by teaching the volunteer workers skills in decorating, renovation, gardening, and carving.

The route tracked the path of the Via Beata, (The Way of Blessing) a series of wooden artworks that will form the focus of a chain of Christian meditative way stations crossing the country from furthest west to furthest east.  Welsh T.V. picked up the story, so the cyclists were cheered on their way through Wales by passing motorists tooting at them. They were welcomed by people on the way, and given places to camp overnight, including one very comfortable night in Bromyard sleeping in a caravan.

Every Wednesday, Steve Eggleton, the man of vision behind the Via Beata, is teaching them to carve the wooden artworks that will eventually mark the whole of the route.  Six of these are already in place from Ringsfield, near Beccles to Roudham Heath. www.rowancroft.net/viabeata

For more information, please contact: www.sevencs.org Lorie Lain-Rogers, Project Manager, on 07733430681 or 01508 480613

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