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Norwich leaders hear about healing history 

RussParkerNorwich400Well-known Christian speaker and writer, the Rev Dr Russ Parker, was at the Norwich Family Life Church on Tuesday (March 18) to speak to members of Transforming Norwich about “Healing Wounded History”.  Biddy Collyer reports.

The past director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation held his audience of around 25 church and Christian organisation leaders completely as he spoke of the importance of finding out the stories that shape our communities and churches.

Using the Bible extensively as his reference point, he emphasised how vital it is that the facts behind the back story are established through careful listening, quoting how Jesus, on coming down from the Mount of Transfiguration to find the disciples unsuccessfully trying to heal a young boy, turns to the father and asks “How long has he been like this?”

His foundational scripture was God speaking to Solomon before the dedication of the temple (2 Chron 7).   The main points being that the place of ministry, in this case the temple, was to be fit for purpose.  Secondly, the importance of the location of that place of ministry, and to ask what stories shape the living communities of which each church is a part.  

He invited his audience to look at what was happening currently and then find the core dynamic behind it.  Then taking the Lord’s Prayer, he pointed out its’ corporate nature where we ask God to “Forgive us our sins”.  

His final point, before the break, was to highlight the difference between representational confession and repentance, citing Moses, Nehemiah, Ezra and Daniel, all of whom confessed the collective sins of their people group.

In the final session, using the letters to the churches in Revelation 3, he said that it was important that churches celebrated all that was good in their communities before turning their attention to what in their behaviour may be threatening the good. 

Pictured above is Russ Parker in Norwich.
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