Pentecost march brings Norfolk Christian unity 

YarmouthPentecost450Pentecost Sunday was celebrated when groups of Christians from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston marched from separate sides of the Haven Bridge to meet in the middle in a celebration of church unity. Judith Edmonds and Rev Dan Waite report.

On the afternoon of June 8 more than 150 Christians from Churches across the borough celebrated the birthday of the Christian Church at Pentecost, the day when the Holy Spirit came with a rushing wind and with fire to fall upon the early disciples of Jesus Christ

Two groups, one from the Yarmouth side, and one from the Gorleston side, walked with banners, balloons and praise towards the Haven Bridge in the glorious summer sunshine.

With the cross of Christ in the centre, and the banners flying in the bastions, the two groups spanned the bridge coming together in a symbolic act of unity in worship and praise, and in prayer and blessing for the two towns and several villages which make up this borough of Great Yarmouth

The chain of people then united together as a congregation to worship God on the quayside with songs and encouragements from the Bible, and heard stories of the wonderful and miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives today. The well- known Lord’s Prayer was used as a basis for speaking out blessings on our local community

There was a sense of awe in the group as we looked up to see the white clouds formed in the shape of a cross in the blue sky above us as we worshipped God together.
Article courtesy of Network Yarmouth
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