New journalling book from West Norfolk vicar

Corin ChildCorin Child has recently released his new book; Journalling the Bible. A series of 40 reflections on Bible passages that act as a starting point for journal keeping, with individual and group exercises, and ideas for further study.

Journalling has become increasingly popular in many areas of life in recent years, not just within church circles. Recording everyday events, thoughts and emotions can reveal patterns that help individuals to understand their life better and, if necessary, to fine-tune their thought processes in positive ways.

“Using the Bible in this way is only natural,” says Corin, “as the Bible can be regarded as one very big journal in which its writers use different genres and styles of writing to record stand-out events and explore their meaning. Journalling slows you down, it makes you think about what is being said and gives time to understand in much more detail.”

The practice can also reveal the touch of God on our lives, and can be further enhanced by using the Bible as a springboard for daily journalling and creative writing.

”In this practical and stimulating book, Corin Child shares the fruits of many years of spiritual journalling. He encourages us to write in response to that blockbuster set of journals we call the Bible, and in so doing to learn more about ourselves and the God who guides and shapes our lives. Whether you are new to journalling or an old hand, used to writing alone or prompted to try it in a group setting, this book will be a trusted, insightful and inspiring companion on your journey.”
The Venerable Jan McFarlane, Archdeacon of Norwich

Corin Child is currently vicar of St John's, King's Lynn; he is moving to Norwich over the summer to become Chaplain of Norwich School from the start of the new school year, caring for nearly 1,000 pupils and staff. Journalling the Bible is Corin’s third book, he has also written Hanging Out with Jesus and Telling Ourselves in Ink: Creative Writing in the Church.

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