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Julia in Norwich to speak of faith after tragedy 

JuliaPascoe450Julia Pascoe, who grew up in a secular Jewish home and later came to faith in Christ, will speak on the theme of “Christ in the Harvest” at Bowthorpe Church, near Norwich, on Saturday evening, September 20.

Julia was only 16 when her mother died – “from that moment, I desperately tried to find out what happens after death.  I spent a lot of time and money going to mediums and exploring all kinds of 'New Age' belief systems, none of which brought me any satisfaction or peace,” says Julia.
“I knew I was Jewish, that there was someone called 'The Almighty' - and I knew we didn't talk about Jesus.” 
During her mid-twenties, alone in her flat, Julia found herself in tears one day crying out for 'The Almighty' to show her if he was real, to show her find the purpose of life.
“A couple of days later I met a born-again Christian who shared the Gospel with me!  She told me about the Jewish Messiah Jesus, Saviour of the world and insisted I read Stan Telchin's book 'Betrayed!'  She also challenged me to read the Bible – and my life was transformed. ”
At the 6.30pm harvest supper in Bowthorpe, Julia, who works with the ‘Jews for Jesus’ ministry in London, will share about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and speak about the Feast of Tabernacles or ‘Sukkot.’   Everyone is welcome.
To book places at the supper, call Bowthorpe Church on 01603 749 614 or 01603 747 871; or email with your name and number of places required.
Guests are requested to donate £2.50 per person and please bring a main course – a plate of salad with meat or cheese.

Pictured above is Julia Pascoe, picture courtesy of Jews for Jesus.


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