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Wymondham church Who Cares? response 

Following the findings of the town’s largest independent survey this summer which asked “What hurts the most in life?” Hope Community Church are running six informal talks during the autumn that target key areas of difficulty.

Nearly 1700 responses were received during the eight-week “Who Cares?” campaign run by two Wymondham churches to identify and respond to the issues that people find the most difficult to handle.  

Many people are struggling with illness, bereavement, stress and disappointment while relationship difficulties, family issues and stress are affecting others. 

It means some are juggling with finances, jobs and time with their children while recovering from the pain of a broken marriage. For example, one father misses seeing his children every day and a single mum struggles to find affordable childcare while the stress of living with a “warring” family has resulted in illness. 

The survey which reached 12 per cent of the town’s population during June and July has thrown down the gauntlet to Hope Community Church Wymondham who will bring new hope, help and encouragement to the community in a bid to show they care.

Alongside the  six informal talks plans are also afoot to build on the award-winning social action scheme at the Hub, Fairland Street which is manned by church volunteers.                                                
The informal services begin on the first three Sundays in October at Wymondham High Academy at 10.30am. They are aimed at those with family challenges (October 5), stress (October 12) and relationship concerns (October 19).

During the event visitors will also have the opportunity to talk to people about their personal concerns in a relaxed setting with coffee and cakes. More talks in November will cover the other key issues. 

“We may not have all the practical answers but we really care and would like to share our thoughts and experiences,” says John Creber, project co-ordinator from Hope Community Church, Wymondham who organised the Who Cares? campaign with the town’s Baptist Church to cover door-to-door surveys and events at the town’s farmers’ markets, carnival and school fetes.  

“In the light of the survey results we want to enlarge our social action programme in the future. We already provide a range of services for the community through the Hub including a dad’s club (Dad’s Hoppers) and sessions for carers (Cup of Caring) and Hoppers for mums with pre-school children but we are keen to expand what we do because we are concerned about the needs of the community,” says John.      

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