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Strangers on Norfolk doorsteps

John Wright returns to the Waveney Filling Station on Thursday February 19 at 7.30pm to discuss ’Talking to Strangers’, with humour, stories and simple principles.

JohnWrightJune07As Rt Rev Gavin Reid, former Bishop of Maidstone and director of Mission England, puts it: “John speaks with humour and a fund of stories… there are simple principles here that all of us need to heed”.

John is a member of the College of Evangelists Emeritus, appointed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and to give a flavour of John’s passion and evangelism he has given us permission to reproduce one day of his journal and some recent prophesies.

Witnessing on Friday December 5.

  1. James, a new young heating engineer, called to fix the boiler. Providence - we had met before. Interested in God and heard my testimony.
  2. Dale, a young car recovery driver, came to change a wheel of a guest’s car. He was open to the Gospel and received testimony
  3. Andy arrived with a delivery. He got testimony
  4. At garage to get car fixed, sang a Fred and Ginger love song from Jesus to two blond receptionists, Heidi and Beth. They were very moved (ladies always are!).
  5. A middle aged man appeared behind me at the garage, I got the thought, ‘He is Heidi’s father,’ (see above) so I said to Heidi, ‘ Here is your Dad!’. He was! Everyone stunned!
  6. Talked to African lady waiting for her car. She had heard about Jesus, but did not know Him. Told her she had just met Him, as He lived in me.
  7. An engineer, also James, came out to look at my car. Providence - he had looked after my Volvo at Attleborough where I had prayed for him with a bad leg.
  8. At supermarket I saw an old man with orange trousers and a tweed jacket like me. I congratulated him on his elegant attire. He had been a bomber pilot in 1945, was interested in God, and heard testimony.

Last Friday, as I prayed, I saw a hole in a bank. I asked the Lord what it was?
It was an ant’s nest, (the Church), and I felt that ants were about to come pouring out of the Church to do their work of seeking souls.
Later I was sent an email about a prophecy from Dr Sharon Stone. She had also seen an army of ants going to work saving souls. These ants are not great names like Billy Graham, but just obedient slaves doing what we are all told to do.

Here are some questions:

  1. There are good reasons to suppose that we could be in the season of the Lord's return. (See Hell or Heaven in the Last Days)
  2. This may therefore be the season of the lukewarm Laodicean Church. (With exceptions like Alpha, Street Pastors, Prison Fellowship etc)  
  3. Pastors may be tempted to just teach people to be blessed, fulfilled, know the Word, be comfortable so that they don't leave the Church!
  4. We know Christians will all face the Judgement Seat of Christ to receive rewards for their works on earth. 2 Cor: 5:10.
  5. We know that our works will 'burn' if they have been wood and straw as opposed to gold and jewels. 1 Cor: 3:12-15.
  6. We are commanded to shout out as a town crier (Kerusso) the good news at times convenient and inconvenient. 2 Tim: 4:2.
  7. We should be at war every day setting the captives free - but most Christians are bound by fear and keep quiet.
  8. Cowards risk the second death! Rev. 21:8.
  9. If we don't warn people their blood may be on our heads. Ezekiel 33:8. The Holy Spirit has been given so that we can be witnesses.
  10. Jesus told many parables about the cost of disobedience. 

We are cells in the Body of Christ that are meant to multiply!
So am I teaching something that only applies to a few, or are we all called to make an effort to be witnesses? If those saved come to Christ and excuse themselves by saying, 'My Pastor never told me to witness,' what will Jesus say to the Pastors? Is this a case of refusing to enter oneself and preventing others from entering? Matthew 23:13

'If we are not taking a part in Christian witness, we are not just ineffective; we are positively in revolt against Christ. It is sheer hypocrisy to pay lip service to the Lordship of Jesus if we do not heed His command to evangelize. A dumb Christian is a disobedient Christian.A Church not engaged in mission is guilty of apostasy.' John Stott

'And thou who hast been blessed and hast tasted of the sweetness of God, why dost thou bury it in thine heart? Why dost thou not proclaim it openly and speak of it? But thou art ashamed. Dost thou despise Him who hast honoured thee with it? Be thou not ashamed and fear not for ever!' from the Holy Spirit in the Amman Jordan, Revival. 1933

In prayer one morning I was grumbling about the state of the Church. So often, it seemed, they had forgotten their real call to take the Gospel to the world and instead were more concerned with Church politics.

Then a picture came into my mind. I saw foxhounds in their kennel. There was an open exercise area where they were wandering about looking bored. Some were snarling and backbiting each other. Others were laid out asleep in the sun. One or two were scratching for fleas. It was not a happy picture.

Then I saw them in full cry after the fox. They were alert, stretched to their limits, bright eyed, working in harmony with a common objective. No boredom or backbiting was evident. They were fulfilled by performing the purpose for which they had been created.

I realised what the Lord was saying. A healthy, happy Church is to be found where witnessing by all members is the top priority. Then they are fruitful and multiply!

John Wright is a well known evangelist and founder of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, you can read more about him by clicking here for previous Network Norfolk articles

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