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Norwich Christian project extends work to Suffolk 

2016: ENYP has been consistently delivering activities in Greater Norwich over the past nine years, and has recently launched its programme of youth clubs in Lowestoft.

ENYP engages with 2000 young people in Norfolk through programmed activities and has recently made an impact in Suffolk through the creation of a 'regional hub' in Lowestoft. The charity offers opportunities for children and young people from deprived areas to meet, receive positive input and to learn about Christianity.
Lowestoft is one of the most socially deprived areas in Suffolk, and child poverty is a big issue for the town with 38% of children estimated to live in poverty.  In recognition of this and the need in some of the more disadvantaged areas of the town, ENYP has been working with local churches to establish new creative clubs, and will shortly launch a ‘Defenders’ club in the Roman Hill area.
Defenders is an after school club, which helps children to unwind after school through fun, wholesome and creative activities where they learn underlying moral principles to support them as they grow up.  They are encouraged to think about their community, their friendships, the environment and to ‘defend’ different causes.  Defenders caters for children in primary school and provides invaluable social opportunities after school.
Damon Rogers, Vicar of St Andrews Church in Roman Hill, said, “Roman Hill is a very tight knit community, but like so many urban areas the children often find that there is nothing to do and there is no-one to engage with them or listen to them.  Our hope is that Defenders will be the beginning of a new way of engaging with the young people of the Roman Hill area.  Yes there will be interesting activities that will entertain them, but we believe that those who work with the children will help to guide them for their future as well.  Defenders has a firm Christian base and will provide opportunities for the children of Roman Hill to learn more about Christianity and especially to realise that they are loved by God.”
ENYPLogo350Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP’s Director, said “Regional Hubs are part of our strategy to develop ENYP across the region and beyond and we’re excited to continue to develop our work in Lowestoft.  The Regional Hubs become the central place for developing vision and plans for delivery in order to meet the needs identified in an area of benefit/geographical space.  Much of ENYP’s delivery in Greater Norwich has been in the more deprived areas of the city – council estates and communities of disadvantage – and this experience will help provide a good foundation as we establish work in the Roman Hill area of Lowestoft.”
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