Call to prayer


History of Call to Prayer

JJohnJustTenWebOn Friday 8 September 2000, a movement of prayer started in Norfolk which has been growing ever since.
Initially the vision for coming together to pray was Living Water, an annual renewal event held on the Norfolk Showground in Norwich. This quickly expanded into monthly gatherings of people meeting to pray which were held on – and became known as - First Fridays.
At the heart of the vision was a longing for unity across the churches, and First Friday was quickly supported by churches of many denominations, as well as several non-denominational ones. It moved around each month from church to church, each time reaching out to a fresh group of people. One picture was that of a snowball, growing in size and momentum as it moved.
Then in Spring 2002, J.John was invited to bring the Just 10 series to Norfolk. The prayer strategy God gave us was to establish Lighthouses of Prayer – groups of people meeting locally to pray. 
The vision was for 100, and at one time there were 113 Lighthouses established with great variety in size and membership, including at least three overseas groups praying for the mission. Several are still running and praying for the needs of the region.
All this prayer activity has now come together under the banner of Call to Prayer; the vision continues to grow and draw in more people across a wider area within East Anglia.
There are now nearly 400 people who receive the monthly Call to Prayer letter which encourages people to pray for a broad range of ministries, events and activities which involve the wider church.
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Pictured above is J John in Norwich for the Just Ten mission.