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Norfolk curate shares MA research on pets in heaven 

Rev Andrew North, Assistant Curate of the Mulbarton Benefice, recently completed his MA dissertation on the subject of what the Bible says about where animals go once they die and will be answering questions at an entertaining evening of discussion, with refreshments, on Saturday, May 20.

Dog owner and Assistant Curate of the South Norfolk Mulbarton Benefice, Rev Andrew North, has recently completed his MA dissertation at St John’s College in Nottingham on the subject of what the Bible says about what happens to animals after they die.

On Saturday, May 20 at 7pm Andrew will share his learning with animal lovers and answering questions at an evening hosted by Hethel Church near Wymondham.

Peter Nicholls, Churchwarden of Hethel Church and organiser of the event said: “Many people ask questions about what will happen to their pets or farm animals when the animal dies. Will we see them again? What might life be like beyond the grave (theirs and ours)?

“Whatever heaven is like, won’t it be mighty crowded if it’s full of animals? And yet, my beloved companion animal is the most important relationship in my life – surely if relationships endure, he or she will be there with me for ever?”

“Andrew is used to being asked these questions when he’s out with the dogs wearing his, er, dog collar! So he thought there might be an interested audience if we set up an evening.  It seems a light-hearted topic, but it is of great importance to many people.”

Andrew is a former Army Musician and secondary school teacher, and has two dogs called Max and Edith. He was ordained Deacon at Norwich Cathedral in July 2016 and took his title post as Assistant Curate with the Mulbarton group of churches.

Peter Nicholls said: “We know that vets get asked these sorts of questions all the time – it’s a real issue for animal lovers. We invite anyone who’d like a researched Christian approach on the subject to come along. As an ex-teacher, Andrew is a natural communicator and is something of an entertainer and humorist as well. We anticipate a good evening.”

A suggested donation of £5 towards the church’s heating fund is invited.  Wine and nibbles will be served.

For more information contact Peter Nicholls on 01508 570557 or email or visit the church website

Hethel Church, Church Lane, Hethel, NR14 8HE 

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