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Church launches arts and craft workshop in Norwich 

Grace Christian Fellowship is starting up an Arts and Craft Workshop at the Silver Road Community Centre in Norwich.

Having received a grant from Comic Relief to set up the workshop, Serena Jones, a recently retired art teacher, is running the workshop along with other members of Grace, which currently meets at St Edmunds Church, Fishergate.
The ‘Craft, Coffee and Cake’ workshops are starting on September 21 and will run fortnightly on Thursday afternoons from 2-4pm. The workshops are free (although a small donation for coffee/tea, cake and materials, would be appreciated).
Anyone who would like to try their hand at a new craft activity, or who would like to learn to paint, draw, sketch, make papier-mâché objects, or create beautiful home-made cards, is welcome to attend. The workshops are also open to anyone who would like to bring along their own art or craft activity and join the group for a chat or some company, or just to eat some cake.
The workshops aim to give people from the local community the opportunity to start a new hobby, find some new friends or learn a skill, in a supportive and friendly environment. 
Serena Jones has been amazed at the interest already shown in the upcoming workshops. She said: “I was sitting in a cafe in Anglia Square and had some of the posters advertising the workshops lying on the table. Several people just saw the posters and came and asked me if they could come along, as they had a passion for different types of craft and for needlework and embroidery, etc.  Other people have said ‘I’m no good at art, but I do love to sit and fiddle with craft activities. Can I come?’
“As a teacher I used to hear over and over again, mainly from the parents, that they used to love to do art, although they didn’t consider themselves to be any good, so it would be lovely to offer the workshops to anyone who would like to try their hand at something new, or rediscover an old talent that has lain dormant for years!”
Comic Relief Grants are awarded to projects which aim to support their local community in a variety of ways and which are seeking to combat loneliness and isolation in an increasingly busy and ‘digital’ age. It would be wonderful therefore to see the grant helping local people discover new talents, improve skills and build confidences through the ‘Craft, Coffee and Cake Workshops.’ Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, ability, confidence or experience!
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