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Yarmouth Christian shopkeeper denies shop is haunted

2017: A Christian shopkeeper in Great Yarmouth has denied that his premises are haunted and points out that Jesus is the only spirit in residence.

Nigel Parrott, the owner of Sweet Dreams sweet shop in Great Yamouth, was bemused when people kept coming in and asking about apparent ghoulish goings-on in his shop in Regent Road. But it transpired the 18th century building was included on a ghost walk, where fans of all things supernatural were told that figures from its colourful past still made their presence known.
Nigel Parrotts poster 300CFAs a Christian, Mr Parrott said he needed “to set the record straight” by putting a sign in the window refuting the presence of anything spooky. The sign displayed in the window is addressed to all his “wonderful customers” and states that Jesus is the only spirit in his shop.
While he could not rule out the building had once been haunted, it certainly wasn’t now, he said. He said he had had to clear out some paraphernalia left by previous occupants a year ago including a Ouija board and tarot cards.
He said he was “absolutely amazed” at the response and interest which had gathered pace as Halloween loomed.  “I was not annoyed by it, I just wanted to make sure people knew that when a Christian comes in and Jesus is present no darkness can stay. People have been generally supportive when I have explained.”
Mr Parrott said he has since received an apology from the ghost walk organisers and that he had reminded them of the account in 1 Samuel 28 where stricken King of Israel Saul consults a medium. They have undertaken to remove the shop from future ghost walks.
Nigel told Premier Christian Radio : "What caused me to put the poster up was the fact I had, in the early part of the summer, people coming in saying they had been on the ghost walks and my shop was one of the most haunted shops in Great Yarmouth. But Jesus came to bring light to the world and cast out darkness – In light no darkness can hide.  When Jesus came to 13 Regent Road in Yarmouth all other spirits were overcome.”
Visit the Sweet Dreams Facebook page.
This story first appeared at EDP24.

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