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Norwich clubbers owe debt of gratitude to City Pastors 

Scores of Norwich night-clubbers owe a debt of gratitude to the City Pastors from the Norwich Street Partnership who spend two nights a month being a calming and supportive presence on the club-land streets.

Over around 20 Saturday nights during 2017, the City Pastors have removed over 1,300 potentially dangerous weapons such as bottles, cans and drinking glasses from the streets.
They have also intervened to support over 50 vulnerable, isolated or drunk people and helped them find the Safe Haven, SOS Bus, lost friends or just ring home for mum.
Potentially aggressive situations have been diffused with friendly words or a bar of chocolate eight times and flip-flops have been given to mostly women, walking in bare feet, especially when smashed glass is around, some 27 times.
Bottles of water have been given out to those feeling sick or the homeless 36 times and over 110 homeless people have been noted sleeping in shop doorways.
The City Pastors are Christians and, when directly asked, they have talked about their faith and why they are out on the streets 16 times. They have also received over 60 message of support and encouragement from grateful clubbers.
NSP co-ordinator, Penny Jones, said: “We keep detailed statistics to show the difference we make on the streets. We pick up bottles and cans as they are potential weapons and use chocolate and words to help calm aggression.
“We support people who are vulnerable in whatever way is feasible, and often give water to drink for those feeling sick but also to the homeless and observe what is going on to be able to give relevant advice where needed. We also do a lot of 'casual' chatting as we walk up and down which doesn't get recorded in the official statistics.”
The team are always looking out for more volunteers so that they can increase the number of times they are able to go out.
If you would like further information or one of the team to visit your church or group to talk about the work, please email or or ring Rev Deb Cousins on 01603 738329

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