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Pentecost in prison and new book from Norfolk author 

Pentecost in a Suffolk prison and a new booklet outlining the Jewish roots to the Christian Faith are two of the latest offerings from Norfolk evangelist and author John Wright.

On a recent visit to the Filling Station at Hollesley Bay Open Prison in Suffolk, John, who is a Lay Reader, a Member of the College of Evangelists Emeritus, and an International Director of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, told 30 men his story.
“Ten of them were born again and baptised with the Spirit with the gift of tongues,” he said. “While I was demonstrating the gift of tongues, a Lebanese prisoner said, ‘Do you know you are speaking Arabic?  You were saying - God, fill the people with your Holy Spirit.  Fill them with good and take away the bad. Reveal yourself to them.’
“Just as at Pentecost – glory,” said John.
John has also just released a 100-page summary edition of a 545-page book on the Jewish roots to the Christian faith called Wake Up, which is all about their end time significance.
“There is often a general belief in the return of Jesus Christ without any expectation of his coming in our time,” said John. “This book is not to defend any particular belief, but to help the Bride of Christ to be watchful and prepare for the coming of the Bridegroom.
“An understanding of the Biblical Feasts and the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony is essential for Christians to understand the words of Jesus about the last days. We need to recognise that the Biblical Feasts reflect the Christian life and pay especial attention to the time of the last harvest in the autumn, which is also called the wedding season.
Chris Hill, a former Principal of a Theological College, said of the booklet: “Emile-Andre Vanbeckevoort and Arno Lamm have rendered us an enormous service in producing a magnificent book to prepare the Church for the last of the Last Days. “Wake Up!” is aptly named because this is precisely the effect it had on me!  The book is written for the intelligent layman and so it is far from simplistic and yet arguments are carried through with a clarity and depth that has tremendous impact.  
“A book of over 545 pages takes a bit of assimilating!  So I for one am immensely grateful to John Wright for producing a précis of the book - the concise edition of “Wake Up!”   John’s intention is that his Précis should act as an appetiser for the larger work.  He achieves that aim.  My strong advice is "Buy both … and be twice blessed!”
You can download a free PDF version of summary edition for here or visit to buy a print copy.

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