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Appeal for pastors to join Norwich street team 

An appeal for volunteer City and Prayer Pastors to join the work of the Christian Norfolk Street Partnership (NSP), who will be out on the late-night streets of Norwich this Christmas, has been issued.

The street and prayer teams are in action bringing a calming presence, a helping hand and prayer to late-night Norwich city centre, on two Saturday nights every month, but they would like more volunteers so that they can go out every weekend.
NSP currently has a 20-strong team from the full range of Christian churches including Catholic, Anglican, URC, Methodist and free churches.
JohnPinnington750“We are very ecumenically-minded,” said chairman of trustees, John Pinnington. “We have a very strong united group but we need new people in both the prayer and street team.
“We would ask for a commitment on one Saturday night a month and some training on occasional Saturday mornings. We meet for prayer at 9.30pm, go out at 10am and stay out until around 3am.
“None of us are experts in every aspect of the work. Most important is to feel a commitment to helping vulnerable people, especially clubbers and to have the humility to make us non-judgemental in our work.  Our Christian belief is important because we are called to prayer at times and we are trying to base all our actions on the example shown by Jesus in his love for all.
“We believe the streets are better now because of the improved work of the Police, the presence of Safe Haven, and the SOS bus and hopefully because of groups such as NSP. We hope that our presence calms the streets down a bit. We get a very good response from the Police and club doorstaff with a feeling of partnership and it is getting better all the time.”
Prayer pastor Mike Carey said that the team giving support back at the Chantry Hall base is just as important as those walking the streets: “Our ministry wouldn’t work if it was just the team on the streets, it needs people behind the scenes praying. I wouldn’t still be doing it after ten years if I did not believe that prayer works and is effective. Sometimes we see our prayers answered in front of us other times we just do not know.
“It is more peaceful on the late-night streets than it was when I started a decade ago and I believe that one of the reasons is the presence of City Pastors and a team praying every Saturday night.”
NSP needs more city and prayer pastor volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact John Pinnington at or Penny Jones at
If you would like further information about Norfolk Street Partnership, or would like someone to give a talk about its work to your group, please contact: Irene at
Pictured top is the NSP team and, above, chairman John Pinnington.


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